Sony W,Z series and newer 2010 models?


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Jan 28, 2010
I have been researching the 40" Sony W and Z series (550A) models. While most dealers in mumbai have stock of W-series, they are typically saying that Z-series is out of stock and worse - sony has stopped making them! They suggest I wait for the new 2010 line but can not tell me what those models are. I suspect they are the EX, ZX series which are obviously going to be priced much higher than the current reduced prices of W and Z series.

Moreover ZX1 is a wireless device and from the specs at sony india, it seems like sony has added this fancy thing at a higher price and worse at the cost of the features on the Z550A.

From what I understand Z-series (40z550A) was launched in India around Diwali this year. So soon out of production?? Anyone out here has an idea of the same - ie.. tried to buy the Z series and have heard of something similar?

Surprisingly some do still carry the slightly older Z450A but are OOS on W550A.

I live in the US and can get myself a KDL-40Z5100 model(equivalent to 40Z550A in India) along with a PAL/NTSC converter. However if Z550A is available in India and at an affordable price ~80K, I will not want to carry the Z5100 from US. I've no idea how the EX,ZX series will turn out to be. Usually 'am a bit sceptical of new releases (both quality wise and price wise).

It will be nice if folks out here can comment on this as well as any idea you may have on the EX, ZX series. And if anyone has got a 40" or bigger LCD from USA (esp Sony), please let me know whether PAL/NTSC converter was neccessary and if you have any suggestions on a good converter. Thanks in advance!
the replacement model for the Z series will come will be a EDGE led version,it won't be launched anytime soon,currently u can expect the BX and the EX300 upto EX500(replacement for W series).

the ZX1 is a completely differenet segment,not to be confused with the Z series replacements which will be the NX800 edgeLED lcd models,which again IMO won't be launched anytime soon in india or other SE asian countries.
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