Stereo Amp For Polk Rti10

Oct 18, 2007
[/B]Hello everyone
I've new polk RtiA7(rti10) -300w rms,89db. I'll be usin 'em for music alone.So please suggest me a good stereo amp which will match these speakers..Am considerin the NAd c372 -150 watts and nad c352-80wpc
,My room size is 16 ft x 12ft. its nt big, so will 352 be sufficient or shud i get 372? price diff b/w these 2 is around 15-20k and I Listen to all genres mostly "disco" in my home gym. please help me decide
Go for the bigger amp. Its funny how what HIFi gives 5 stars to the 352 but rates the 372 (V V similar apart from the power rating) very lowly!!!! The 352 is good for small undemanding SM s but the 372 will give extract more from ur speakers. Its not the best amp at all but i would struggle to find a decent 150wpc amp @ 50K!!!

Apparently, these Polk floorstanders NEED high power amp to make them really shine. Plenty of user fedback in the international site AVS forum, all of whom echo the same opinion. Check it out. Also look up the user comments in the Polk website. Yeah, no doubt abt it....go for the bigger amp regardless of your current room size.

You could pick up the Nad separates instead for around 75k. C 270 and its matching preamp.
For a more musical setup, try the odyssey khartago (around 55k) with a promithius TVC preamp.
The khartago is rated at 120 watts or something but it has lots of drive???
Transformer Volume Control
Standard version will be around 20 k something shipped to India. For the khartago get in touch with Arn systems Bangalore.
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