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Apr 26, 2009
Dhakuria, Kolkata, India
Hey all,

I have collected the BBC planet earth series in 720p mkv format. Since I use the following set up:

(a) WD passport essential 160 GB Ext HDD formatted in FAT 32.
(b) Samsung LA26B450 HD ready LCD TV
(c) Pioneer 220 K DVD Player with USB port.
(d) MX HDMI Cable

Id like to know which video converter I should use to convert the Planet Earth mkv to avi format in order to watch via DVDP.

I came across Handbrake tool from various posts in this great forum. Please suggest me the output format setting in handbrake or any other tool.

My preference is to have 720p output with mp3 audio. Any other suggestion is also highly appreciated.

Also suggest me output setting for any other VOB to avi thru Handbrake.

Thanks in advance

MKv converted to other format will degrade PQ.Why not to play with WD media player?
Still if you want to play on DVDp,convert them to Divx/Xvid.
Try ConvertXtoDVD to convert mkv to DVD. This was recommended to me by moserw, and I have found it very very good. Just take care to specify the appropriate size of the DVD in the file settings before converting.
For example, if the source file is around 4.5 GB, then the output setting can be set to a Single Layer DVD. Same goes for a Dual Layer DVD for file sizes of 8-9 GB. On the other hand, if the source file is around 2 GB, then specify a size of 2 GB only; specifying a single layer DVD size (4.7 GB) will result in degradation of the PQ.

Remember this is just a workaround for watching it on a DVD Player, which I follow since I don't have a WDTV or a flat panel TV. Playing the original file via a WDTV will be the best way.
Not all DVD player supports divx/xvid, i suggest u convert to MPEG2

The WD TV is capable of playing High-definition video through an HDMI port, in addition to standard video through component cables. It can play videos in most common formats, including MPEG2, MKV,...

U may need Pavtube MKV Converter,this software applies unique audio and video sync technology and handles Subtitle very well.

set output settings: click Format bar and select Common Video-> MPEG-2 from the expand format list as output format.U also can select DivX.If you prefers higher video quality may choose high definition video may follow Format-> HD Video-> DivX HD.

I hope it will be of great help for you

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Try out Total video converter & Ulead. TVC is very simple, but not sure if it is as good as the ones listed by others.

Hi Souravin

I have been using XviD4PSP to convert all my Blu ray movies to AVI for using in PS3 and WDTV and it works like magic and it is really fast in conversion to any format you can name and you can also hardcode subtitles into your movies and it is free.

XviD4PSP - Video software and downloads -



Video: Panny 32 LCD, PS3, Sony DVP-NS78H, Samsung DVD-P365H, WDTV, Big TV.
Audio: Yamaha RX-V661, Sansui G-5000, Hand Made Towers for stereo, Pioneer Linear Power for HT with Onkyo SL-107 powered sub.
Is there any recommendation for a free software to convert MKV to DVD? I tried convertX but it puts an ugly watermark until you buy the license. I just need some other arrangement which can do it for free as i'll be using it just a few times now.
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