The <50K HT Speaker package question


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Aug 14, 2007
I am looking for a HT system
a)to suit 60% music and 40% movies.
b)to suit an inverted L shaped room (7) ( living and dining room in one). Total area about 350 sqft. the living section where the av is going to be placed around 150sqft. front wall about 10ft and back wall about side open and the other side french windows.width about 11.5

c)Budget around 60-80k.

AV reciever chosen Marantz Sr 4001 ( about 32-35 with papers).

1. Wharfedale 9hcp with SW150 ( 34-36k)
2. Wharfedale Moviestar 70+ (29k)
3. Wharfe: Crystal fronttowers,WHF cnt/rears and Sw150(45k)
4. Def techPro cinema 800 (48K)
6. Sonodyne Genie 2 with Roar 2815 (48k)
5. AE Aego T Sat package ( 70k highly unlikely as budget exceeds but I could lose the plot and do it).

Comments eagerly awaited.
I would suggest you go with the Wharfedale Diamond 9 HCP. I have not heard the Crystal range so I cannot comment on it.

I think the Wharfedale's 9 HCP are excellent value for money and can sound great both as a home theatre setup as well as a hi-fi setup.

Do not bother with the Moviestar range.
I am definitely buying the HT either by this weekend or the next weekend max. Hence I solicit your thoughts. Please also mention the cons of a package when you say "no" and mention strengths when you say "yes" to a package.
Thanks SKP.

After a lot of research and as my requirements were 60% musical. I decided I would do a step by step approach to my HT purchase ( Actually two more experienced people one a Commercial member on this group [SVP] and Venky who is the distributor of AE asked to take the break up approach).

Anyways, I bought the following

Av Reciever: Denon 2307
Speakers: KEF IQ5

I came very close to buying AE speakers along with Marantz but backed out at the last moment.

My entire purchase including QED silver anniversary Sp cables and QED Optical cable cost me 77k @ Pro-fx.

Thanks for all your inputs.

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Get the Wharfedale EVO 4.2 3-Way Standmount Speakers at a Special Offer Price.