The King of Pop MJ passes away


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Dec 6, 2008
I got up this morning to a rude shock
My sister called fromwashingtoninforming me that the KIng of Pop
Micheal Jackson pased away early this morning(our time)
Micheal died of cardiac arrest

one of my first ever album was an MJ - Bad

whatever controversies may have dogged his carrier i believe him to be a musical genius who changed the face of pop when he entered this field.

I love MJ
May his soul rest in peace
Hey this is sad news indeed.

Now that he's no more, let's remember all the good things he has done/ achieved.

He is a legend!
The legend will live on............

I was awaiting his comeback tour! But got up this morning hearing this shocking news! Whatever be the controversies that dulled the sheen of his persona, MJ will always be the invincible KING of POP! R.I.P!

P.S I still have my old original CBS tape of Thriller at home.
My SIL called from Denver and broke the news...

Too sad. I have all of his albums and leaving aside everything else in terms of music he was gifted and a genius. Thriller was one of my earliest albums and also one of the first music videos that I saw. Have been sold on music ever since.
Bad was my first album too. It was also one of my earliest exposures to anything in English language (i went to a hindi medium school). Later on, when i lived in the US for some time, i was surprised that people outside the US actually love MJ more than people who are there (and i met a wide variety of folks across the country).
This is very sad news as he was just about to go on tour from July. Who knows he may have given some quality songs there ....
Sad news.
I had the Thriller and Bad Lps. He sure was a genius. He stopped producing anything good after the Bad Album.
I guess the marketing took over after that and all hell broke loose.
Greatest artist to ever live and will ever be. A true LEGEND.
His heart just decided to no longer Beat It
Dangerous is my fav album of all time.
I haven't listened to or watched any other pop star's songs as much.
All negative side of his never made me like him any less.

very sad. I like him a lot. My first ever english album I bought was a thriller, my journey started from him.
I was waiting one day he will have a concert in india.
Really sad news. Guy had a rollercoster of a life. May he rest in peace for eternity.

His contribution to pop was beyond comparision. His look, Dancing style, everything he touch became legend. Even his videos were so superb, We all all remember so many of them. His songs were as much seen as they were heard. Though at core of his success, he was a singer/musician, He is the most copied person on dancing stage. How many pop artists can boast of such feat? Even Alwis is copied only for his look more. Quite a few have defied all odds to succeed so much. Even few have ruled music scene for so long.

At the end though, he became vivtim of his own success and human follies, HE will be remembered as long as Music lives. He is as immortal as Beatles, Alvis etc.

Micheal, We loved you, We love you, and We will love you. You have a large chunk reserved for you on our music shelf, In our hearts and as well as in history of music.

Adieus, Great musician-singer-dancer.

Adieus to you, Troubled soul.

May god take u to his breast,

May your soul rest in eternal peace,

Came to know a little late. My folks have the Thriller album of his on LP which is going to be passed onto me.

Been glued to the BBC after I heard the news
Passing away of a legend is indeed very sad news.His music has been my food all thru my growing years.I still remember long time back he had come to India.His fans cried when they saw him performing live on the stage.That was a frenzy.He refined the art of breakdance and came up with new steps like the famous moonwalk.Thriller was too good and specially the Beat It number.I still remember watching it for the first time on Doordarshan when I was a kid.The whole presentation of the song gave me a high.Whatever the world says about him we have lost a music legend.The void created by his death will be hard to fill.May God give rest to his soul.
Thriller was the first album I listened!

MJ would live on in the immortal tune "Dum dum da d-da dum dum" and moonwalking !
perhaps i am from almost another generation....but Dangerous was my first English tape as's what introduced me to English music, and I've owned every single album of his, except for the latest 'invincible' (and all on tape).

He's a true legend, a troubled person and a tragic life. RIP Michael Jackson.
MJ was a legend and no one can replace him ....

He was the first guy who got break dancing into limelight and was a pro at it ....
I still remember his video's and his awesome break dance performances
He was one of the few complete entertainers...Not only his music, even his personal life was entertaining ...

I still remember buying the cassette 'Blood on the Dance Floor' some 15-16 years ago to listen in my BPL two-in-one !! It was the most expensive music album at Rs 100/-

May his soul rest in peace
True Legend sad that many in this new generation knows only the negative thgs abt his life.

Like many of you the first cassette that I bought was of Dangerous (I have heard music from many of those songs copied in many hindhi, telugu,Tamil & Malayalam songs) and even before that I was a fan coz I used to hear thriller being played in my cousins house everytime I went there.

His stage shows his videos & music were a rage during those times dont think any artiste living or dead can claim to be as popular as the king of Pop.
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