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Upgrading my Dared VP-300B Tube Amplifier

Hari Iyer

Well-Known Member
Feb 8, 2010
After experiencing the effects of using Audiophile grade components in my Metronome TQWT speakers, i am now contemplating similar upgrades in my tube amplifier shortly. Currently i am in the lookout for components that will fit the bill and will do so only if i can get all of them for the mod.

I will be replacing one wire wound resistor (Inductive Type) with a Non-inductive type. This is a 1Kohm, 15 watts type which is the most difficult to get in non-inductive type. So i am getting it custom made.

Other component is a 100mfd, 250V Electrolytic Capacitor which will get replaced from Jamicon to Vishay BC.
One 0.047mfd, 250V capacitor is also somewhat tricky to procure and could not find any in the usual sites, so planning two 0.022mfd in parallel. This will be changed from MKT to MKP (Polyproplene film - Audio grade)
Another component is two 0.47mfd capacitor (MKT) to Audiograde Metalized Polyproplene Film from Audyn.

These mods are planned over next one to two month time period. Will post outcome after the mods.

Thanks for looking.