Urgent Help on Car Audio ....Please SOS


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Jul 10, 2008
Dear Gurus,

Can you please help me with the system settings for my Maruti Suzuki Wagor R (Small Size Car)

I have the following -

--> HU - Pioneer DEH-P6950IB
--> Rare Speakers - JBL Multielement CS 3196
--> Rare Sub Woofer - JBL GT4-12 (250 RMS 1000 W Peak)
--> 4/3/2 Channel Blaupunkt GTA 4 Special Mk II (RMS Power@4 ohms 4x60 / 2x180 watts)

** two chanel of Amp are connected to Woofer and Two Each to Rare Speakers.

Now - My Questions-

I want to go a good speakers in the front ... i am confused between "Component" or "Coaxials"

++ limitation is the in my car the front speaker mounting space is only 4 inches (100 MM) which leaves me with only one choice of "Earthquake" Component systems as only ther are available in 4"

** I am planning to buy additional 4 channel amp (two channels i will use for front component/coaxial and balance two i will use for additional woofer in the rare

so ..please suggest me what should i do ....budget is around 5000 INR (125 USD) for front component / coaxial (apart from amp and woofer)

I would also request you guys to suggest me the good component/coaxial based on your advice which you have to offer...

Thanks...will give millions blessings to you guys:)
I guess you can accomodate a 5 inch component with an outer ring which all installers have. I am not sure about that. So please do inquire

My cousin is using Rockford components in his car (SWIFT) and they are working quiet well. Again i am not sure but chekc out the prices of Infinity. There is some model which people say is real VFM.

I would suggest you to wait for other people's opinion as i am not 100 percent sure if its Infinity or some other brand
I thought it would be a bad idea to post links from team-bhp. But if thats allowed, then if you go through the whole section of car audio on team-bhp, you will know of 100 of brands and where you can install it. nothing better then that
++ limitation is the in my car the front speaker mounting space is only 4 inches (100 MM) which leaves me with only one choice of "Earthquake" Component systems as only ther are available in 4"


4 inch component speakers are also available in kicker, DLS and illusion audio. price range between 4 adn 5 k.

I have installed a Illusion 4" 2 way component system in my Santro. Mtg is on the dash itself as there is no other space. The trick is to seal off the rear of the main midrange driver so that the radiation of sound to the rear of the diaphragm does not give a mixing/phase shift effect. If you want a proper front soundstage you may need to disable the rear speakers. For single driver or with front passenger I get excellent sound seperation of L & R channels. Only the crossovers are not as good as I would have liked. Will post photos tomorrow morning.
man you gotto be joking posting mazher bhai's car audio setup in this thread for ideas!
you cant take any ideas off that
its a completely diff league

anyway that said members have given correct advice
get the Illusion Audio 4 inch component speakers
they have 4 inch co axials too if youre interested

contact Ajay Kamath from "Hermit Audio"
He'll set you up about where to go for the purchase and install

i dont think theres need for another SUB

just connect two channels of your amp to the components in front
give the other two channels to the sub
Run the rear speakers directly off the HU
that way you have the more sensitive speakers playing off the HU and the front speakers amplified giving yuo a better front soundstage!
Here are the images og the installation. Like I said it is a must to seal off the rear of the speakers.


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Thats a nice and clean install. Illusions sound really great. Congrats! The tweets are placed at ear level. Won't it be a bit fatiguing over long periods? What other equipment have you got?
Edit: Is that a slush box?
get the tweeter at the bottom of the pillar ( not where they currently are)
Hello Shuv & Magma,

The head unit is an old tape unit from my previous Maruti 800. I feed it songs from a Flash drive using a tape adaptor.

The tweeters are adjustable & I have aligned them to a point roughly in front of the tape at dash level. The SQ is mind blowing. When I play some really good music I become a gawking attraction at the signals because the others cant. understand why I am so jolly.

Have found even difficult passages like Tachivosky 1812 Overture play beautifully.

I am now trying to see if I can fit a 3 way system in the front. I will also need to upgrade my head unit.
Sridhar, the imaging and coherence will be better with the tweeter and midrange closer together. Also, because of your current tweeter position the path length difference between the midwoofer and tweeter is very high. Highs will arrive to the ears of the closer listener much sooner.

A 3-way component set with 6.5" midbass, 4" midrange and tweeter can be installed in most cars that have stock 4" locations in front with some modification, i.e. the 6.5" needs to be accomodated in the door. Some pics below.

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Hello Ajay,

Neat Install.
I had used a similar location in my Maruti 1000 with a 4" mid range & Bose tweeters. The sound used to reflect off the windshield and give a beautiful depth. In ur setup also the same will be happening.
Unfortunately the Santro does not have a dashboard top mounting palce for speakers. I plan to upgrade the head unit before making any changes to the speakers positions.

Which make of 3 way speakers are u using & where is it available in Mumbai?
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Thank you for the appreciation, Sridhar. A lot of brands make 3-ways. The ones pictured are from DLS however.

I know of a few installs that use the Santro stock location to configure a 3-way but it sounds very different.

Here's another way of installing 3-way in a car that does not have a favorable location for the midrange or none at all.

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