Usher in the house!!!


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Apr 4, 2008
I am pleased to announce that ARN Systems is now the nation wide distributor for the Usher line of products. In Bangalore, they can be auditioned at ARN, Hitachi showroom on Coles road.

Please take a look at index

Now for the pricing...:D (heh he).....almost finalised, the beryllium series will now be within the reach of most. Introductory pricing will be out shortly.
I expect the CP-6311 and BE-718 to be the "BANG FOR BUCK" speakers at that price range... (did someone say 5 figures?:eek:)

Continue to watch this space as we will be announcing more products in the near future.

Dealers, if you are reading this, we welcome enquiries

p.s. stock expected soon

Good news! But three months late for me :( I would have been interested in the S520.

Anyways, its good to see more and more good brands being available in India. Will drop in sometimes to have a listen (specifically the charmed dancer BE-718).

Prasad Redkar.
If you are interested in seeing the Usher products in your city, from your side, please encourage your dealers to contact us ;). We will do the same from our side.

The specific introductory products that will be available in the showroom are

6311 speakers
BE-718 speakers
X-718 speakers
S520 speakers
525 - center channel
103 Subwoofer
DV-9 surround receiver
8571 speakers

I know that some of these products are unbelievable value while some I havent heard and dont have a personal opinion about as yet (will post more on that later). Depending on this outcome, we may decide to carry only select items within the Usher line. If you guys have an opinion and would like to see certain products, please post/let me know.

With regards to the BE-20, this will be priced at least 10% lower than US retail prices (dont have final prices as yet). The horn speakers are the flagship speakers in the Usher line, while the BE-20 are flagship within the dancer series.

awedophile, have you heard the BE-20's?

Hi, I haven't heard the BE-20. Will you be getting a demo pair? Any chance of one coming to a dealer in Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai? List is $16K, right?
I havent asked for a BE-20 demo pair in this round of stock. Can we get it in the future? sure. As for dealers, as I indicated in my previous post, please encourage your dealers to contact us and we will do the same. As soon as we have dealers in certain cities, I will post here.

US retail for BE-20 is $16.4K, I believe UK retail is much higher

forgot to mention the R6-0 (6 channel 125W amp) also as part of our initial stock and yes the monitors come with the matching Usher stands.

The Usher's are here
if any of you are near our vicinity, do drop in to give the 8571's a listen.

Pricing to be out soon

Hi Sridhar,
That was a great session yesterday.
I was totally impressed with the tiny dancers (be 718) and the elder brother the 8571.
The tiny dancer is a fast, detailed and thoroughly musical speaker. Transparent across the band. Sweet detailed highs through the beryllium tweeter has spoiled me already.
The bass was tight and detailed without any overhang.
The 8571 was terrific too. I have never heard such a big speaker sounding so composed but dynamic in a medium sized room. It does everything the tiny dancer does but with added scale. I can imagine how it will entertain setup in a large room.
Yes, great you could stop by. Actually there was one gem that you didnt listen to at all that day, in fact we both missed. If you thought the Be-718s were good, wait till you hear the one that we missed (I listened to it later). The 520 intro priced between 15K and 23.5K depending on sheilding/finish :D VAT extra.

Yes, thats the one. The S stands for Shielded and you get the 520 without that too.
Ofcourse it does not match the performance of the Be-718 or the X718 but for that price...

Hi Folks,

I am one of the lucky ones to pick up one from Sridhar, the CP-6311, a true beauty & the beast

I will come back on my experience with this new lover

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