Vital information for LG B9,C9 & SM9000 owners


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Aug 30, 2013
Hi friends,
Did you know that proud owners of LG's 2019 models B9, C9 & SM9000 were aren't aware of a major fault in theirs eARC HDMI 2.1 feature and it's incapabilities.
It's a fault or you can even call it an error from LG.... which has been there for quite sometime when users have found out that the so called future ready interface hdmi 2.1/ eARC is incapable of passing thru the uncompressed Dolby True HD and DTXHD MA contents.
All this while it was only passing thru the 1st gen compressed Dolby Atmos & DTS X contents.
Many users throughout the globe were having issues of not receiving these formats on their AV receivers although having the Dolby True HD & DTS MA features in their system. Many blamed the uncertified HDMI 2.1/ eARC interfacing cables.
I too had this issue and was waiting for a genuine HDMI certified 2.1/eARC cable all this while.
Until today came across this info on the net that ... lately LG had found out the glitch and rolled out a firmware update to fix this problem, which they refer to as (PCM eARC FIX). It has been already rolled out in the US and in Europe.
I have attached the link to this information to help people see the details. Hopefully it gets resolved soon here in India.
You can see the details over here in this link...
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