Wall mounting options for Energy satellites


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Oct 27, 2007
Due to the nature of my room, I am forced to place my satellite speakers in such a way that I require wall mounts with two degrees of freedom to achieve the desired stereo positioning. What I am basically looking for is good wall mounts for the Energy Take 5 satellites (weighing around 2.5 kgs ) which look something like this:

Universal Black Satellite Speaker Mounts (4-pack) from Overstock.com

Amazon.com: Vantage Point Universal Satellite Speaker Mount (Black): Electronics

Basically, instead of the regular single jointed stands, I want something with two joints so I can swing the speakers out (using 1 joint) and then position it in the traditional way (using the 2nd universal joint). I hope this verbose description will at least give the readers some idea of what I want. Otherwise please ask for more details.

Anybody know a good place in Mumbai/Delhi to search for these? Help will be really appreciated since I am trying to get this in place before the new year.

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