Whrfdle Vs. JBL Vs. HK (5.1)


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Nov 11, 2008

I am looking for speaker in the 50K range for my AVR 1909. Some time back, I auditioned the Wharfedale 9 set of bookshevles, surround & SW150 sub & was quite impressed with them. Was just waiting for the wiring to be completed in my new room, before I buy the speakers.

yesterday, I got an opportunity to hear the JBL - CSC680 package and the HK - TS11 package, both 5.1.

I must admit that both were very clear, with the HK providing superb thump.

Can anyone throw some light on which speakers are better, now that I think all 3 are good?

kindly give the product web page for JBL and HK. also let us know the price. I feel this is important for comaprision.

Also i did see somewhere that HK has 200W RMS Sub while Wharfedale Sub has 150W RMS.

I am using Wharfedale 9.1, Wharefedale Daimond 9.CS and DFS for the rear with the SW 150. These are good and affordable range of speakers.:)

If possible, ask the guys to get the speakers to your house and audition all of them with you AV receiver in your listening and then decide. A lot depends on your room itself.:cool:

It also depends on the size of the room where you will be installing the system as well as the furninshings?

The JBL and KH are both Sub/sat system and cannot be compared to the Wharfedales Diamond 9 series which are basically bookshelves, with dedicated center channel, and even the possibility of bipolar surrounds.

Please read the following link (post # 7)where I have given some explanation of the differences.


I have explained this in many other threads.

hey Venkat! How have you been?

I have been doing a lot of reading on most of the threads & will surely read up on this one too.

Just that I can't get off the HK thing. First I really like the HK HT set - all for 25K, then when I thought I have auditioned the best speakers, I got to hear these.

In Delhi/ NCR, none of the guys would help me audition at home, so that is out of the Q.

As far as the price goes, the Wfdle set was for about 50K, the JBL for 40K & the HK is 45K.

Yes, the Sub was 200W & it was shaking the sofa and more!!
I agree with Venkat.
The Wharfedale's sub SW150 does some real good shaking as well. ;)

In addition, there are a lot of other questions which also need to be answered to understand the real interaction of good sound which you speakers can reproduce.:cool:
How big would be your listenining room? How many windows/doors?
What kind of furnishings is present?
Are you going to use these speakers for watching movies or are you planning to only listen to music only?

Is your listening room going to be similar to the audition room where your auditioned your speakers?
Were all the audition rooms similar? did you hear the same sound track and then compared??
The list can go on and on.:rolleyes:
I believe, buy what really sounds good to you since you are one who going to live with them.
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