32 LCD Decision Help Needed


New Member
Nov 21, 2008
Hello All

I stumbled upon this website on google and must say there is a huge wealth of knowlege here, this being my first post I desperately need help on finalizing the LCD from the following 3 models that I have shortlisted.

As this TV is for my parents 90% of time it will be used for watching Dish TV broadcast the rest may be DVD etc. Hence Standard Content clarity is very important.

I have listed the models that I have shortlisted along with the price that I am getting it at, please note since I am based in Singapore I am getting it quite cheap here hence dont be surprised with the low prices, it has a risk though that they all come only with local warranty no international warranty.

So here are my 3 models which I cannont make up my mind which to buy:

Panasonic 32 LE8M - Rs. 21,000/-

Panasonic 32 LX80M - Rs. 24,000/-
(I could not figure out much difference between the above except that LE8 has IPS panel and LX 80 has alpha IPS panel)

Sony Bravia S400 - 26,000/-

Samsung Series 4 - 23,000/-

Appreciate any help and recommendations.

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