< 35K Surround speaker 5.1 system bangalore ?

Knigte Rider

New Member
Apr 14, 2007
Hey folks - my first thread here. am lookin for 5.1 speaker system in bangalore. details of what i already have - below :
- Pioneer VSX816AVR
- Pioneer 490 player
- 19 ft x 15 ft Livin room
- budget of 35K
Recently listened to Onkyo SKF 4600 (set) with SL - 107B (sub). Was also considering Yamaha NS 8900 with a 225 sub.
I've been told speakers from UK are good.
Looks like am a lil lost here.

What i want is ;
- HT system, should effectively handle music also
- 80% of the time would be usin for Movies.

Need some guidance here folks.
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