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AE Aego-t Vs Def-Tech ProCinema 800

Castle Knight 2 Speakers


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Mar 12, 2010
Dear HFV-mates,
I'm torn between these two great sat-sub packages. Both are priced close, share same technology (passive radiators), similar sized (well almost), similar power handling (well, again almost - :indifferent14: ProCinema 800 handles 50% more).

Actually, going by tech-specs the ProCinema 800 beats Aego-T hands down:

150w vs 100w max; 4.5" woofer vs 4" woofer; aluminum vs textile dome tweeter; sensitivity 89 vs 86 (dB for 1w@1m); dedicated center channel vs all identical channels.

300w vs 200w; compact vs big-n-heavy.

That's on the paper. However, going by the audition, I'm kind of split! (done at different dealer spot with different AVRs - couldn't do it with Denon 1910 that I'm planning to buy :mad:).

Anybody who owns / extensively heard / knows about these speakers, please pitch in with your experience. Suggestion / advise from others also welcome.



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Mar 31, 2010
I was in the same situation. About to buy Denon 1910 and Aego T.
Then after various auditions went for Yamaha Rxv1900 (good one if you could get in India..It's an old model here in UK) and went for pre-owned AE 100/120 series (7.1). These are tri-wireable speakers (some of the early version of AE floorstanders). When I bi-amped with my Rotel power and pre-amps (RB-850/960 and RC1060) they sound brilliant. Being an owner of satellite speakers earlier, could spot the difference. The floor standers are truly natural sounding (for classical and instruments). Also though Yamaha is good Rotel is a different league. So go for a separate amps if you're into music.
So my advice is if you're particular about Satellite go for Aego T (am a lover of AE -owned various AE products including Aego M). It was the winner of various awards including Whathifi some 4 years back. One issue with Denon is it's too warm (not sure there, It's tuned for UK market to sound more warm) and AE being a neutral one, it may not be suitable. When I auditioned 1910 and Yammy 1900 against B&W 683/686 5.1 setup I loved Yammy's sound (B&W is also mostly neutral one).
Even Yamaha is warm but a tad bright sounding than Denon and more power for the same bucks. I reckon Yammy has an edge over Denon on music.
Never liked Onkyo as it's too bright like the Sony I had earlier.
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