Can't wait for an audition!

Well this news put a smile on my face today...

Pure Basic Series: Marantz Rolls Out New Amplifier - AM FM Tuner - CD Player : Akihabara News .com

Looks classy, more in the likes of their Reference range. Can't wait for an audition!


Yeah, I too saw it when some forum member in whathifi broke the news about new Marantz products, and now whathifi is bringing all the 3 series into their demo rooms for exclusive review! As you said, can't wait to hear from them for a first-hand review.

Hope its available in Chennai for a personal audition though.

Hmm looks like good series from Marantz ! Thanks for bringing it to our notice !!

Vinod don't worry if that series comes to India it first has to come to Chennai and then only to rest of India :p !! coz the Importer/Distributor sits in chennai :)

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