Centre & Surround spkrs less than 10K

gap g j

Dec 24, 2008

I havn't purchased a AV receiver, I have finalised to buy Onkyo SR606.

I have Sony Hi-fi VCD system which is 90w+90w R.M.S. It's speakers are very fine, so I intend to keep it as my front Speaker and later upgrade this one for a FS.

And I have a LG 6" down firing powered subwoofer. I want to upgrade it also later.

I need a centre speaker and surround speakers for <10K as I have a tight budget. I searched this forum but all the speakers recommeded there are high end.

In one of the post I found Pure Acoustics Dream Nano 5.0 for 10K, Members please advice me any other models available for very low budget.

Thanking You,
Gap G J
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Stereovision,Chennai has been having a sale of its unsold stock of Celestion loudspeakers for the past couple of months.

Stereovision was the importer/distributor for Celestion back in the 90's.

They have the Celestion Model 1 for about Rs.2500/ a pair the Model 4 was about Rs.6000/ a pair.They also have Celestion subs and HTIB's all at atractive prices.

All speakers are new old stock with original packing. You could pick up two pairs of the Celestion 1's for your center and rears and keep one as spare.However, the Celestion 1's will be far better than your existing front speakers.

I see in the classified section( item#214) that one of the regular sellers(Chennai) has listed the Celestions for sale.Anyone interested in setting up a budget HT with quality speakers should get these speakers from Stereovision before the dealers get to them and sell them for higher prices.

Try mission centre and surround speaker package mh3 sys Rs.7300/-

Hi Jeevabobby

First, Thank you for your valued input given to me.

Have you auditioned this speakers, if yes Where?

I from Trichy and I want to audition it and I do not want to waste
the day searching the shops for this speakers. Since I know very few places in Chennai.
Kindly help me

Thank you

Gap G J
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