Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece - LCD /Plasma Tv


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Sep 15, 2009
Thread Agenda -
Similar to the thread posted by Mad to find out the usage hours of Panasonic Plasma, we need to figure it out a way for other electronics item as well.
So this Thread is dedicated for identifying Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece of LCD Tv .
Why -
The very feeling that so many people are being duped by the showroom person, feeling very much pizzed off.
I am 100% sure we dont have this Plasma option of cross checking for other expensive electronic items like LCD, Home Theatere etc.
I am also sure that showroom person, can easily sell a demo piece to us, which is almost a second hand stuff with a very neat packing infact better than the original manufacturer did in the factory. Seeing the pack we will never be suspicious even if he claims that it is a fresh piece.

I am not saying that all Showrooms are cheaters. At the same time I will also not say that all Showrooms are reliable.
The objective of this thread is we should not just rely on our luck or get carried away by a salesperson's words about the freshness of the piece. Beyond that we should do some thing additional .

If we have our forum members working for any showroom / forum members who have good experience in the retail industry / any forum member for instance, I request them to volunteer inorder to highlight points which a consumer should consider when shopping LCD tv to ensure he is buying only an original sealed pack.

Format - (We will try to follow this format for better readability)
Checklist for LCD Tv before buying
Point 1) TBD
Point 2) TBD

So friends, it is all yours....
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Re: Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece - LCD Tv

One way that I know of (and infact, I checked) is to take a VERY close look at the screw holes for wall mount and table stand.

1 . Any TV in showroom wall mount would have left "some" mark around the thread area ( the place where the tv side of wall mount touches the chasis of TV). Also, the screw threads will show some wear and tear.

2. Take a very close look at all the tv vents, They can clean front and rear, but difficult to clear the dust inside the vent. ( A torch will be helpful)
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Re: Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece - LCD Tv

buy something only if they have the thing in stock. and never pay in advance.
Re: Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece - LCD Tv

See unusual price variation from other showrooms.
Bluntly ask and tell him that you need assurance it is new and not display item. also take verbal commitment that you will return t if found so ..... I think he will relise your knowledge power and nuisance value :eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah::eek:hyeah: and will ensure that a new piece will be delivered

Se if you are buying last piece of the brand and if shop is no longer keeping the brand .. this happend with me in last diwali - I was getting Hitach LCd @ Croma - no other Hitachi LCD was visible- further enquiry proved it is display item!!!
Re: Checklist to avoid buying Demo Piece - LCD Tv

1. Always look for ways to find usage hours using the service menu. This is the best and fool proof method. google it to find for your particular model. One tip is, look for an equivalent US Model of your TV and google for how to find usage time and you will get better results

2. Look for sealed pack during delivery and ensure they open before you. The Showroom guys can never seal it the way companies do

3. Look for finger print marks in the screen and back side, most of the time showroom guys dont bother to wipe
On a related note, What do the showroom guys do with the display piece (Other than fooling unsuspecting customers)?
On a related note, What do the showroom guys do with the display piece (Other than fooling unsuspecting customers)?

One exception I have seen. There was a listing in ebay a couple of weeks ago for a 32" LCD TV. Don't remember if it was Sony or Samsung. The price was very attractive.
The seller had clearly mentioned that it is cheap because the piece had been on display but is clean and scratch free. Rare to see such honesty.
On a related note, What do the showroom guys do with the display piece (Other than fooling unsuspecting customers)?

Even I have seen dealers selling Display items for less price after clearly mentioning that it is display piece!
Here's a funny piece of sh!t,

Generally do all my consumer electronics purchases at VS, however decided to pay a visit to Croma to check out their displays, found the prices to be comparitively higher than VS. Talking about my previous purchase (LG42PG21, late last year) to the sales guy, how I got that cracked for 43k and was quite satisfied with the deal. The guy replied, "Sir, Woh piece toh aakhir mein (mid march) 35k bhik raha tha".

I was suprized and then enquired the reason and this is what he had to say, "Che (Six) Mahine showroom mein rahega to price toh ghatega".

He then further added, If I were to purchase any of the TV right now, he would take it of the shelf, pack it and deliver. :lol: Jokes ain't it, At first I thought the Salesman was insane, but then I talked to the manager, he then confirmed it. This was at R City.
Well, not for LCDs but I have used this technique effectively for microwaves and ACs. In fact, I would have gotten a demo Microwave if not for this.

Carry a permenant marker with you when you go for the demo. Put a slight dot somewhere when nobody is watching. check for it when you get delivery :D
How can I check viewing hours on Philips LCDs?

I saw a post where the procedure is on a site for a large number of models. Can't remember where it was. Try asking the tech who comes to install at your home.

spirovious / daddycool,
I got this URL from one of our threads,
TV Service Menu Codes
Let me know whether it worked. (Also be careful as there is a warning. Maybe verify it in a showroom with the sales guy first and then try it in home)
But sadly I could not find for my LG :sad:
My Model is 32" LG model LH35FR. LG owners anybody have you got the usage hours for this model ?
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I checked my Philips 32" LCD and it shown 211 hours which i felt i used maximum 60 hours, so that figure is ok or it should be zero?
I checked my Samsung 46B550 delivered yesterday and it shows 253 hours.Is this normal? Somebody plz reply :(

Hey ..congrates Imrahn on your purchase :clapping:

so you finally bought B550. I hope you must be enjoying the PQ.

regarding viewing hours of 253 hrs.....ummmmmm......I'll take into account few factors before jumping into a conclusion. First of all one needs to find out what should be the normal veiwing hours displayed in a sealed pack new LCD just came out of factory. May be some research into manufacuring process would prove to be of some help. Should it be zero hours?? I don't think so.

May be understanding the mechanism through which viewing hours is captured in the system should help. Does this viewing hours implies use of display screen only/use of chip/circuit/or just the total time electrical current flown into the system?

If some body can do a bit of research and update all members, it'll be great. To me, its other way round, LCDs generally has 30K to 60K hours of lifespan. Why to bother about some 0.4%-0.5% uses and spoil the enjoyment of remaining 99.95% viewing experiance.

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