Cost of vinyl?


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Feb 9, 2009
Hello yars,
I am wandering Delhi and popped into gypsy corner to score some vinyl.

The shop keeper had a few hundred records to select from, mostly film music, some indian classical some western. I selected 8 records all classical (but dups of ones I already had).

The bloke asked for 5000 Rs for 8 records. On past trips I have paid about 100 Rs per record so this was exceedly high. He opted not to budge from his asking price and I left without the records.

Wondering what you folks are paying for records?
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At Chor Bazaar here in Bombay it's 50 to 100 per LP, most of the time. A couple of dealers try and up that to 150-200 in case they land up with a lot that looks well taken care of. Rarely does it go beyond these prices. Of course there's the collector market for certain classic Hindi film music, and specific labels (like Angel) that fetch anything up to a grand and beyond. Not my area though.
...where is this joint in delhi? would like to check this place out...and see what jewels he has that costs 5k for 8 :mad:

There's another guy in Chandni Chowk who stacks a lot of old hindi/classical stuff...the cost doesn't go beyond 300...
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Ithink it is equally important to know which places to avoid. Thanks rsud for saving my time. I was myself thinking of going there.


Though I am Indian born I grew up in USA and surely look so. My accent while speaking broken hindi surely didn't help :lol:. I do think the seller sized me up before quoting his price but surprised me by not budging (I know its fading out with all the malls coming up but the back and forth is part of the game, no!)

The condition of the vinyl at gypsy corner was good to unplayed/mint but the covers of course showed eposure to dust and grime and were not great.

Good to hear prices are not so high overall! Will keep looking.
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