Denon 2010 lineup


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Jun 18, 2009
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Hi All,
It seems the all new Denon 2010 receivers have HD audion processing capability. But interestingly I was not able to find anything equivalent to 1509 in the 2010 lineup. Is the 1610 replacement for 1509? Seems like Pro-fx already got few 2010 models(1910 etc.) but no 1610 yet and still their site is showing 1509 only. So can we soon expect Denon 1610 in India? Any news or insider info? Anyone here have listened to this new line-up? How are they?
Denon has improves sound processors in 2010lines,they have used better DACs as last models had some issues with HD aud decoding.
Vid processing is almost similar.
Any idea how much will 1610 be priced here? Something in the range of the current 1509? It's priced around 17.5k in US. But we are never lucky when pricing came into picture.
But 1610 is not yet here. When I called them up they said that it may take another two months or so. 1610 will replace 1509. According to them it'll be priced close 30k :-(
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