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Dec 3, 2008
Hi all,

I am presently using BIG FLIX DVD Rental service. It is OK, they are providing daily pick-up and delivery, and quality of the discs are also OK (all original). New titles are generally on a very long wait. For instance, all new (not-so-new also) DVD (English) queued by me, including:

- I am legend
- Indiana Jones
- Iron Man
- Incredible Hulk
- Hancock

are all on wait for more than 15 days now.

Just wondering whether any of you have better experience with BIG FLIX.

Also, how is the service of "seventymm"

I do not know when we can get Blu-ray on rental !!!

Hi all,

Also, how is the service of "seventymm"


I have been using seventymm for a month now, they have the same problem, they recommend that you queue at least 20 movies. I have been waiting for the movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Twister" for a few days now. They did offer "Twister" on a VCD which I refused politely.

I was also looking for an alternative (Though Im locked in for 4 months with 70mm), seeing your experience, Big Flix seems to be having similar issue of not being able to stock enough copies.

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I saw a lot of negative posts on "seventymm" forums. Overall I am satisfied with Big Flix, as far as older titles are concerned. With new titles, there seems to be problems, maybe due to the demand.

But they must give some guarantee of maximum wait period for any movie.

I could get movies like:

- Hitman
- Shoot 'em Up

almost without any wait.

Also I like renting old movies - like Hitchcock classics. All these - there is good collection

Generally Englsh movies - disc quality is good - like Excel Video, Sare Gama etc. Hindi discs like Shemaroo are usually not so good

i use seventymm as well...they have some issues.....technical glitches that end up in them delivering a movie without you asking for it and all....but they do work at resolving your problems.....otherwise i've found it to be a godo service.....decent (though by no means great) collection of DVDs including movies and TV shows.....i haven't really tried to watch anything "latest" so maybe that is why i have not yet faced any availability problems....

on the whole i would probably recommend sevevntymm....definitely worth a try....
I have been using Seventymm for the past 2 months or so. I signed up for Big Flix too, but the legendary Reliance customer service problems and bad reviews on MouthShut etc. meant I did not make a payment so the service did not start. Seventymm too has bad reviews but my cousin has been using it and he was happy with the service and also with his introduction I got a good discount so I thought I will try it out for a while.

Service is good, have not faced any issues till now except the waiting period for latest/popular movies. Also, only one movie/disc till now was unplayable due to a lot of scratches. The quality however is so so since they are Indian quality DVDs with no DTS, only Dolby Digital and also most are in 4:3 ratio and not 16:9 and also the print quality is not all that great or true DVD quality like U.S. DVDs.
don't bother with 70mm.Their service is pathetic.They say they dont have the movies you requested even if your Q has 20 of them waiting to be delivered and they make sure with their terrible service that you never watch more than 5-6 dvds a month.(and that is not worth paying rs.300 for.)
All these guys give indian DVD's right? any DTS DVDs??

Hi Hemant,

I have seen, and rented some DVD's from BigFlix that have DTS, like "Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl", "Blade - Trinity" and "The Day After Tomorrow", but still too less; I am yet to see a Sony India DVD with DTS.

My take is, there is a very small community here which demands DTS, or quality sound for that matter, as compared to the number of people who flock to roadside vendors for buying 5-in-1 DVD's with mediocre Sound & Picture quality; hence DTS in all its various versions (ES, Neo, Matrix, etc...) still remains a rarity. I hope this changes in the days to come.

Also it would be interesting to find out whether the same DVD's released in US have DTS. There have been some posts here about DTS Royalty costs being on the higher side. Now if this is true, then it's not that hard to imagine what a DVD with Dolby only, costing 599 bucks, will cost with DTS.

Similarly I am yet to see even a Blu-Ray Disk in any of the stores with DTS HD Master Audio. Others may comment on this.
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All these guys give indian DVD's right? any DTS DVDs??

:: Cinemaparadisoshop ::. Site is not really working, but these guys stock DTS DVDs. They in fact bring stuff over from the U.S. and I needed to make my DVDP region free to play their DVDs. Only problems would be not sure if they are available where you are based (I am from Hyderabad) and secondly they are quite cost prohibitive from the Seventymm/Big Flix/local DVD rental guys. Membership costs Rs. 3000 and then Rs. 50 for 3 days per DVD. But for a true videophile they would mean video/audio nirvana with the PQ and SQ.
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