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Aug 5, 2007
Had heard so good about Enbee and Mr Nishi Nakra that it was an effort getting its contact details. As the word is around that they are legend and best around. But my experience of listening to there 100w RMS amp and same wattage speakers was not that good. I may not know what exactly a correct sound is ,as I am kind of a person who loves thump and hard hitting bass in music, which I found missing completely in Enbee systems. I was told listening to Enbee is a pleasure and a new experience . I listened to Funky Shit ? Prodigy and it felt like speakers were choked and thump was not there at all, felt like sound was coming from an old radio. For a change I tried Father Figure ? George Micheal. Clarity was missing and wished the system should stop playing it. I am not a pro but I found Enbee a waste. Then I tried Lajpat Rai based Birco speakers 15?? 100W RMS and their amplifier and that system produced sound I was looking for. Bass and loudness are too good. One can really feel bass in the floor when Playing Songs like Funky shit. Even songs like Only Time ?Enya , Gazab Ka Hai Din ? QSQT sound so different and you feel like listening to them again and again on the system. So those into Rave, House , Electronica kind of Music can try Birco in Lajpat Rai Market and literally feel the difference with other hyped Legendary Systems.
I've had an Enbee system since 1979!
Over the years, I've heard many, many systems since that is my hobby,& I've never felt the need to change.
Reason? Enbee systems put out a sound quality which I personally love.
Actually ,Enbee is HI FI, i.e. the system puts out a sound which is true to the recorded sound-viz , a balanced sound.
You obviously prefer to hear a lot of bass, hence the lajpat rai system appealed so much to you.
That is perfectly fine-everyone should audition & pick up a system that appeals to them.
BUT! Please don't run down systems whose sound does not appeal to YOU!
I assure you, I've known Enbee for over 28 years now & they have many many customers who are very happy with their Enbee systems.
Are these people wrong/stupid?
No, they bought and enjoy what appealed to them .
Regards & enjoy your Birco system , & remember , one mans meat is another .........!
Yes Kamal very right should nt downgrade a system which is loved by many so as that ppl said that listening is a totaaly diff xp on Enbee :) I am not a pro and look for bass only in sound which is only one part of sound .
yep enjoying "......Poison by Prodigy" only on my local birco . Then this name birco is so hillarious that my friends make fun whether its a name of a system or another chinese restaurant :)
Don't bother about people making fun of the brand name-it shows they are more impressed by brand names than by what their ears tell them!
You had the courage to take your own decision-good for you!
I the future also, always, always do what your mind & heart tells you.
Hi guys, where can I check out Enbee? I live in Mumbai and travel to Delhi/Gurgaon often. Is it in one of these cities?

hi anil,
Noida, 201301
Tel: 95120-2510067
Enbee music at its best

i was highly surprised to read some body really not liking the sound of enbee. i myself is using enbee amp and speaker for the last 8 years and i think these products are great value for money. what i like about enbee is there ability to produce clean undistorted sound and being faithful to the ability to produce the sound as it is recorded.

i have listened to a large no of well reputed foreign brands but in my view my enbee system produces superb sound even with average inter connects and entry level dvd/vcd player.

in my opinion if some body does not like the sound of Enbee he does not have good musical ears. and does not have the ability to differentiate between good and bad sound (musically) .

the cult following for enbee brand for the last 35 years is testemony to the fact that this brand sells only on word to mouth publicity and nakras the owner of the enbee brand has never advertised to sell the enbee products.inspite of which enbee brand has dedicated listeners not only in india but has customers from foreign countries also.

if some body wants to listen to bass level of enbee, listen to track no 2 (amma : extended mix ) from the album drums on fire by shiv mani and james asher produced by times music . when ever i listen this track on my enbee system, at the end of track my listening room windows are rattled by authentic and superb bass produced by my enbee system even at modest volume level.

the music systems playing the music at marriage parties also produce foot thumping bass , but that does not make these system musically good. If somebody likes these music systems that is his problem but that does not make enbee music systems inferior to any other system.

i invite all Enbee lovers to extend this debate.
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Hi Sushil

Thats why i wrote I am not a pro and what i felt i wrote. I think thats all message boards are all about. Its my personal choice and how can u impose your choice on others. "If someone doesnt like enbee he doesnt have musical ears".. lol.. I luv what i am and dont feel like getting tips from anyone regarding Enbee as i heard and I know it was totally disappointing for me, and when i say Me it means me only for others it may be a divine experience. For you and i think almost everyone whom i had a word bfr said that enbee is the best and diff listening experience. But for me enbee sounds like an old radio... I dont want others to decide my listening taste. As kamal very rightly said "one mans meat is anothers poison".. I dont need any endorsements of my desicion of not liking Enbee .. i luv my music and my system just as u luv urs. I will give u a vry basic musical ear example.. korn for some are god and for some its nothing more than a noise.. so chill man I have my musical ears right in place :)

Music always
I don't think that i was pushing my opinion on any one . this post is started by you. it would have been a nice post if you had only written nice words about the system you like the name of which i had never heard before . i would have really taken an interest as a hobbiest dedicated to listening to good music systems and definetly i would have requested to know about the place where i could take demo of your recommended system.

Insted i felt that your post was more inclined towards downgrading the Enbee brand and also all the Enbee fans. i think that Hi-Fi forum is a platform where one can post one's listening experiance of his or her favourite music system in a positive way but if every body starts downgrading a company or a system by its name than the main essence of the forum is lost. this is my personal opinion may be i am wrong but this is what i feel.

i do agree that every person has a distinct musical taste but that does not mean that the music system he likes is superior to all and all other brands are waste or are not as good as his . i hope that this make my point clear.

i have also found through my listening experiance that all excellent music systems does not sound that great at first listening but there sound grows on you as you give them more hearings . again i may be wrong but this is what i felt through my experiance of taking demo of good music systems.

Hi Sushil

I am quite busy with my office work these days. I will post more about enbee and local lajpat rai experience more in 2-3 days :)

Kind regards
Frankly Sushil when I read your previous blog I thought I am Salman Rushdie and I have written a Satanic Verse and fatwa has been issued against me..haha. Now the dust has settled, I want to share this whole long story of lajpat rai based systems. I was introduced to local systems way back in early 90?s. Now electronic gadgets are easily available but during those times buying foreign brands mini compos was not that easy. Most of my friends were having mini compos ranging from aiwa, sony or pioneers. Whenever I listened to these mini compos except for the display (spectrum analyzers and all) I thought something was missing in them. During that time one of our friend bought Woodstock amp and spkrs and when we listened to Top Gun Theme on it we were all spellbound. It was then I thought mini compos are not my cup of tea, I was about to buy Woodstock for myself when I was just at another music shop and he was playing Material Girl on his system, voila that sound appealed so much to me I asked about the music system He was playing on a cassette recorder of the company Sentron and speakers were of Birco. It was then I was introduced to these local systems , I myself bought Birco cd and cassette player that time purely on my first love of sound which that system was producing. When I went to lajpat rai I was literally abusing my friend and my choice .. such a chaotic place the moment u enter u need a headache pill.. shrilling music everywhere. Birco is such a small shop that not even 5 persons can stand in at one time, plus the Sardarji (who is no more now , his sons are operating now) played only 30 sec of music clip and that too was a Gurbani and said don?t waste your and my time whether u want to buy or not. Frankly I was very apprehensive but still I bought it. My friends were waiting for me and the moment I played Crazy,Sexy cool ? Paula Abdul on cd everyone was impressed by the sound system was producing. And the moment we played Sadness-Enigma (the dance anthem of that time) I was so happy with my decision. Meanwhile the guy in our group whose music taste we all admired most and was our role model bought enbee and unluckily I was unable to listen enbee that time. Since he bought enbee I knew enbee was something very special. Due to some problems in my life I discarded my music system, my music collection and went in hibernation for a period of 8 years. Till recently thought to revive my music and system. Enbee was my first priority now and any music pandits I asked said go for enbee. But as I wrote bfr my enbee xp was not that good. When I was at Mr Nakaras home my biggest problem that time was that I never had guts to refuse Mr Nishi Nakra that sound is not appealing to me. Somehow Mrs Nishi Nakra came to my rescue and she could read my face and said son its ok if u r not liking the sound take it easy, no hard feelings u can say no. My brother and driver were also with me and they were also not happy with me not bcz of sound thing but they were angry that how can I refuse a person aged 80 and a legend in his work. But when they listened to Birco they were also very happy for me. Apples cant be compared to oranges .. but I felt my taste is birco just like an old dhabha.. Even if u go to Foxes, Hiltons, Yo-Chinas and all theres a nukadd dhabha in everyones life whose taste is above everything for him. Same I tried my old taste of Birco and liked it again  so much so of writing from my side..like a big personal story haha
Anyways addresses are below:- pls be aware it was my taste and I don?t know whether others will like hygienic-unhygienic food of my fav dhabha
416,Old Lajpat Rai Market, Delhi
Sentron(other local company good amps and equalizers.. spkrs not that good for me)
BE-95/A Hari Nagar Gali No 1
For Aman & AnilJacob.
I visited Mr Nakra on Friday & he is well.
He has discontinued his Reliance landline(951203223020).
His current Ph Nos are-95120-2510067(which Aman had mentioned) and Mob No. 98117 85799
Hi WLB, read your story with interest.
like I mentioned above, I visited Mr Nakra this Frday alongwith 2 audiophiles from Mumbai who wanted to audition his system.
Result-one of them loved it & the other one did'nt! And they were friends but each had a difft perception of what constitutes great sound quality.
Moral of the story? To each his own!
Frankly, to me the greatest sin in Audio is not trusting your own ears & instead, going blindly by other peoples' comments/advice.
Kamal one thing is true.. you put your posts very precisely and the word you say are correct and true. Undoubetly agree to every single word you said. Today one of my colleagues here was sharing his listening experience as well. He is from Bombay and he is having a system which he says is of brand Norgee. He said once he went to Onkyo showroom for a sound demo and he didnt like it. He was also thinking can a brand not so famous is better than big companies like Onkyo which invest millions of dollar in rnd just for sound :) atleast for him its better.. which completely endorses what u wrote from the first post itself. I really admire ur posts and way u put them up :)

Kind regards
Hi VLb,
really liked your story of association with birco . i hope to visit birco to listen to the sound whenever i visit Delhi. i would also like to say sorry to you if my comments on your post may have sounded harsh on you.

i completely agree about your views on mini and macro music systems. as for my listening priorities the first thing which i search in a music system is clean undistorted sound and my second priority is the depth of the sound produced by the system. my first real good system was philips amplideck with matching speaker purchased way back in 1988. those days philips used to sell seperates in india which the company discountinued selling some where in 1990. these system were really good .

in 1999 i decided to purchase new music system , i was living in a small town near jaipur . i went to delhi with an intention to purchase a system of a foreign make . i took my cd of josh, dil se and dark side of the moon .for two days i listened mycd's on various systems but i was not impressed by the sound of any of these then i visited enbee as i recalled having read somewhere about this company. as i listened to my cd's on enbee i was hooked to the sound of the system and purchase the amp and speakers of the company . this was a decision which i never regretted.

as a music enthusiast i never waste an opportunity of listening to music system when ever i get one. i have listened to a majority of systems of foreign make and also indian make but i have till now not found any reason whatsoever to switch over to the music system of any other make. but the sound of the brands which i think in my view are good are tangent , mirage, invisible speaker(sat, (twin cube each)+subwoofer system (made by digital accoustics from calcutta, i dont know whether the company is still making these or not) and Jbl (for those who like to listen the music very loud).

Hi Sushil

No need to say sorry , it was only a difference of opinion :) Infact after this post I realized one should refrain from questioning others choice. Atlast some similarity between us, I also loved Philips amplideck with matching speakers. One more thing its is alright to discuss the music systems these days. What about the music now ? don?t want to raise another controversy but frankly its been years have heard any music to die for (my opinion :) ). Yep do miss gold times of 80?s where music I feel was at its best. Now music is freely available , The positive side of free music available is that what you have been looking in your old days now is easily available, one can even watch retro videos. which in late 80s was only a dream. .Negative side being the thing which one gets for free is not that valuable, so may be that?s why music these days sounds so ordinary for me.

Music Always

I had philips amplideck 739. It faced some problem, and the service center is not getting the required to spair part. I simply do not want to throw those speakers. it gives me damn good result. Can u suggest me where can i get another philips amplideck, or if I have to buy amplifier, what should i look for?


Mumbai, 9819207559
... I am kind of a person who loves thump and hard hitting bass in music, ... For a change I tried Father Figure ? George Micheal.

Trying to understand your listening preferences and expectations. Father Figure is one of more best vocal renditions by George. It can be easily played with acoustic as well. If you were auditoining for vocals then this is good. For bass definitely not the choice.
Wow, I can't belive this question even had to be asked.

From the stories I heard in the early '80s the Nakra brothers
were in IIT kharagpur(sp?) when they duplicated cutting edge
bass reflect speakers for themselves as they could not afford
the fancy "brands" on their allowance.
(it may have been a friend, but some of the stories are quite
awesomely bizzare and the brothers figured in alot of them)
(the bass reflect mechanism is how tiny speakers can sound big,
but the technology is far more recent, as far as Ive understood,
its alot of cones right next to each other, tuned so that the
frequencies do not interfere)

I know for a fact that alot of recording studios used Enbee
amp arrays till the early 90's. Making it pro sound for a very long time.

I was into prodigy for a bit, also cypress hill, was more into metal,
but listen to classical stuff too etc. etc. etc.
I play the clarinet, a bit of the sax, bass guitar and the tablas.
Though I make my living off commercial art (ads, murals etc.)

Now the thing about Valve amps vs digital.
(Re:Hi fi I do not believe they completely switched to transistors,
if they did, that terrible :) )

As you know digital means binary, that is the sound is first clipped to
101011101010101 then converted back to analog wave form, both
transistors and valves did not do this, which in effect means that, a low quality digital frequency sample (say 32) is technically far less faithful to
what was recorded than even an LP would be.

Further Enbee was selling 5.1 amps in the early 1970's that is, they were
making amps that can do as much as some of the best new home theatre
systems with half the technology nearly 30 years before the big brand
names imagined such a thing could occur.

Personally, give me a good valve amp over an new fangled plastic device any day, hell I bought a fancy sony system that didnt last 3yrs let alone nearly 30 like my Enbee one. If only it didnt get so damnd hot, wasnt so big and was
easy to maintain.

Now the old radio issue (crackle/hiss). Do check if the amp supports 4 or more speakers on separate channels. Mine supports 4 main, 2 rear and a single mono (6.1). If it does, you have a brilliant gem if you have the speakers to back it up.

1/ Bad earthing will often charge the case and interfere with the sound.
If you get a shock when its on, it probably needs repair.

2/ valve amps dont discharge like the modern stuff. They loose charge
slowly and the resulting static is normally the cause of the hiss and
crackle. They have to be warmed up and used regularly.

I hope you have lucked out, give it a shot. :)

(P.s. I joined the forum only to reply and I have to say since Mr Nakra started aging there has been a reduction in quality and service,
you need to know your stuff, but I do find it rewarding)
Further Enbee was selling 5.1 amps in the early 1970's that is, they were
making amps that can do as much as some of the best new home theatre
systems with half the technology nearly 30 years before the big brand
names imagined such a thing could occur.

when???? early 70's??
can you confirm any year?
pls check

Dolby Pro Logic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

this was earlier surround technology of 5 speakers .....commercialy available on HI FI VCRs in 1982 .. and in those time very very few have heard about Dolby pro logioc VCR in india , not even stereo VCR.

Now possibly first 5.1 was Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quote" The Laserdisc version of Clear and Present Danger featured the first home theater Dolby Digital mix in 1995."

1995 -cannot be called early 70's

so first 5.1 Media was released in 1995

1) What 5.1 Nakras were making IN EARLY 70's
2) Wh used to buy?
3) From where consumers used to get media ?
4) Or they were using time machine??

How ? How? Why? Why?

Pls can I have some idea?

BTW Your post is weird .....answers a lot of questions which are not asked....
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