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Experience with Azom exigo gaming laptop

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Jan 11, 2015
Laptop has never interested me before because of it's price and low performance compared to a desktop P.C but now the laptop technology is catching up to desktop so i finally gave up on my aging 8 core amd CPU and ati r9 270x which is struggling with games like new Deus ex and Arkham knight.I looked at almost every known brands like asus,HP,msi and none of them have a laptop with decent GPU like 970 or new 10 series GPU,MSI and Asus have laptops with the high end GPU but they seemed to be priced way more than the US.A YouTube video about azom laptop got my attention and was immediately impressed by the price to performance ratio.After waiting for a bit for the release of new 10 series GPU i immediately ordered one,it had a gtx 1060 GPU and Intel i5 6500 cpu and the price was 1.20 lakhs and i am not aware of any brands out there with laptops at this price.

Performance wise this laptop is absolute beast,the boot time is around 4 seconds,softwares like adobe premiere,after effects is silky smooth.I played games like rise of tomb raider,arkham knight,Witcher 3 and everything run on 60 fps on ultra.New pascal series GPU for laptops has now blurred the line between laptop and desktop GPU,the new 1060 has equal performance of a desktop gtx 980 to give you an idea of how powerful is this beast.Azom laptops are rebranded Clevo laptops from China which is upgradable,brands like Sager are popular in USA which sell identical laptops to Exigo.