Help regarding a home theatre system and 2 additional music systems


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Jul 14, 2009
Hi guys,
I am a complete neophyte in HT area.Am looking for a Home Theatre and 2 additional music systems.I have only auditioned Bose and it sounded good.But I have heard a lot of bad reviews and it being not worth the value.Budget is not that much a prob.So please advise me on the same.Awaiting valuable contributions from all u experts.
hello sumitarv,welcome to Hifivision and have a good stay here,before guys starting suggesting u the preferred brands and other things,i would strongly recommend u to go through a number of old similar threads where people have posted a number of queries just like u,then come up with a list of preferred brands,then may be u can hear from evry one. Above all this,i would also recommend u to go to audio showrooms and start auditioning different brands and see what u like.
Vijay,thanks a lot for ur concern....taking ur advise i would want to implement it......could u let me know few brand outlets to audition HT's...coz i have no idea......
Sumitrav, Kindly put fwd ur preferred budget,taste(music/movies),which would help us to decide a suitable sys for you. You can audition various brands at any popular electronic showrooms like e-zone,reliance digital,croma,profx etc depending on the presence of one in your city. You can take your own collection of movies,audio etc so that you can audition it,if not the dealer will have his own collection any ways,sit back relax and try to get a feel of the audio quality,the staging,the way the sound pans between the front and the back speakers,the way the amplifier handles the ups and the lows,like the high,mid and the LFE etc. Then if a brand falls under your budget and u feel its good,then thats the one u ought to buy. Coz the most important thing is the personal satisfaction which another person cannot force and impart that in you.
So once u are in to any electronics showrooms,u can look out for brands like onkyo,yamaha,JBL/HK and so on,these brands sell HT packages which wont be that hard on your wallets and at the same time,they are not that great when it comes to pure music and things like that. The other way and the best way of getting a kick ass HT is to assemble different brands,just like u would to build a home PC. You would go for a specific brand for the Amp,a specific brand for the speakers and so and this would cost you more than that buying a HT package but will be good for all your listening pleasure.
So to conclude,let us know after you audition some brands and post the experience and do specify the model names so that the audiophiles here can guide you well.

All the best
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I think having clarity on budget will help you in not wasting time over too cheap or too expensive stuff. Forum members will also be able to guide better. Since you are ok with Bose cost, is 2L for home theater and 2 lakh for each stereo system a good budget to assume?

here's d complete info......
Budget for HT is 1.25 lacs(excluding LCD TV)
budget for the 2 systems:40 k each
For HT:
area:is 35*22
Ht for both music as well as movies
music and movies both mostly bollywood
not much of rock for me

For 2 systems:
area:is 11*18 ard 200 sq ft.
for both music and movies
but mainly music

plz if u r using ny technical jargon plz let me know........
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