Help: Velodyne CT 120/ LEM 15" GZ50 / Pure Acoustics Noble 5.1


Jun 23, 2008
Delhi NCR
A quick help needed friends:

I am offered the following(All used):(And need to close the deal by tomorrow evening)

1. Velodyne CT 120 sub @ Rs 15k.
2. LEM GZ50 rated at 500w with a 15" woofer,8" mid range (Mackie like looks) @ Rs 35k (Pair).
3. Pure Acoustics Noble 5 channels + Caeser surround channels @ Rs. 33k (7 channel solution).

Now the problem:

1. Heard the velodyne. Can't make out about the quality as source material wasn't good. Still looks and feels rock solid. Has ample amount of settings. Felt powerful at times.

2. LEM: Haven't heard about this company.Looks more like a PA system. Was driven by a meager 60w amp but this monster made it presence felt in terms of bass. Mids were apparently shrill. Highs were not so smooth as in a silk dome or titanium/beryllium tweeter. Can't say.

3. Pure Acoustic: All of them were packed. Searched on net. Not something great.

My requirements:
1. SQ is a priority followed by SPL.
2.Primary use: Watching blue ray movies in a dedicated acoustically treated room.
3. Tentative receiver: YAMAHA RXV 765.

I need the opinion of experts whether to invest money in these or else suggest me some other way (Am tight on budget, as evident ;) )

Waiting for early help.


Velodyne sub looks like decent offer, but do listen some of favourite movie/music audition before buy the velodyne sub. The second PA type speakers its not suggested for home audio system and the pure acoustics dont know about it, but in 2008 AV MAX magazine issue, the pure acoustic/onkyo combination has BEST BUY for Rs.39990/- whole 5.1 package. Also audition the pure acoustics speakers.


Have you bought them? Is the velodyne still available?



I've bought the Velodyne. Rest are available. Apart from this sub, nothing else could spark my interest. Wasn't too sure about Pure Acoustics/JPW etc.

Finding the right place now for the sub.
hi rockstar,

congrats man on your velodyne sub purcahse, post your subb-woofers perfomance reviews here in our post. many forum members will be helpful and the velodyne fans too

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