Home theatre: Sony DAV-DZ556KB or Panasonic SC-HT540GCSS or Philips HTS3548/98

Hot Punekar

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Oct 27, 2007

I want to purchase a home theater system. All the above mentioned home theaters are in my budget. :) i.e. 20 K (I know it is small but that is what I can spare :( )

Need help / assistance in selecting the best out of these three.

Originally I zeroed on Sony but later found that Sony is missing lot of thing such as no picture navigator, for songs (replay, shuffle, etc) is missing, you can not navigate to a particular song of MP3 CD and you have to keep on selecting next button on remote.

So I am looking for something which has good VFM (value for money) and is technically good and should be easy for day to day operation.

Please reply me ASAP as I want to make decision this weekend.

Sony India : DAV-DZ556KB (DAVDZ556KB) : Details

SC-HT540GCSS | Home Theatre | Digital AV | Panasonic India

HTS3548/98 - DVD Home Theater System - Home theater systems - Recorders, DVD and home theater - Philips


HOT ;)
You cannot go wrong with either the Sony or Panasonic although I find Sony audio products to be more reliable than Panasonic.
The Sony is Harsh and Shrill. I myself have one and never use it. Wanting to sell, anyone interested?

The Panasonic sounds better, but loose boomy bass.

Out of the three my choice would be the Philips.
What we need is a complete AV revolution!!!

Is there any way we can stop these "style over substance" HTIBs being sold in the world?! Am sure even toddlers can differentiate between the sonys n panasonics and philips Vs. Quality Separates. :mad:

Ok, now that I got the frustration out of the way; I would second Cyrus. Let me be frank here, I don?t like the sound of any one these mentioned here but I vote for Sony for its better build quality, reliability and re-selling value; which I'm sure you would consider in the near future.

IMHO, I would again (repeatedly) suggest the Onkyo Gladiator model if your budget is an absolute 20k.

Best Regards.
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