How to deinterlace Tata Sky +


Feb 25, 2008
Hi All,

I got a Tata Sky Plus connection a few days back, chiefly because of the component out (instead of composite as in regular Tata Sky).

However, the picture quality on my Panasonic G10 is a bit "soft" and fuzzy, and not as sharp as the the picture from my DVD player.

When playing the DVD player, the TV shows "Input 576p" and when playing Tata Sky +, it shows "Input 576i". (The DVD player is a progressive scan player which is converting the 576i DVDs to 576p.)

How can I convert the 576i from Tata Sky+ to 576p (deinterlace the picture)?

Is there some external box which I can feed the Tata Sky+ through which can deinterlace / upscale the signal?

In case you dont have an avr with std to HD upscaling capabilities, you might want to try something like this or its cheaper alternatives.
Thanks for your reply.

My AVR (Denon 1908) does not upscale. It only converts component to HDMI, which does not help.

I note that the DVDO Edge is around $500, which is not exactly cheap. Any cheaper alternatives available?
some users have tried to upscale tata sky plus via AVRs. the result hasnt been very promising. if ur really missing HD, u shouldve gone for Sun HD. it now has Nat Geo and Discovery HD in its kitty.

although i have tata sky plus, never really upscaling its images.
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