Need feedback on KEF LSX


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Jun 13, 2012

Can anyone let me know if I can get anything better than the KEF LSX for a similar size in terms of SQ (will be placed besides my monitor which houses a gaming mousepad so space is an issue), budget wise can allocate maximum of 70-75k
In that price range and form-factor, I doubt there's any.
For what it's worth, I had an assortment of desktop speakers over the years; from Creative Gigaworks T20 and T40, Bose Computer MusicMonitor, B&W MM-1, KEF EGG Wireless, and now the LSX. They are all good with what they offered for the price, at least at the time of purchase. While my favorites were the B&W MM-1 for the sound and Bose Computer MusicMonitor for the size, nothing beats LSX for its all-around versatility.
The LSX wins with its smart features & excellent sound.
Thanks for your input guys, i demoed the same and found it to be good. Quiet pricey for the performance, but when you consider the form factor, functionalities and the SQ as a single package found it to be really good.
Really appreciate everyones input here. the usage scenarios were mainly for desktop listening and will be mostly background since I sit there for my office work, casual browsing and occasional gaming. Was considering studio monitors , but keeping in mind the form factor , aesthetics and the overall SQ together did not find any good options, everything good was atleast the size of the Concept 20s or bigger.

When I auditioned it , the first thing which I really liked was the size and the finish. For a speaker of that size it certainly is a powerhouse in terms of the SPL level , has a good amount of dynamics out of the box, goes pretty low (much lower than the Concept 20 or the 3020i) and decent enough imaging for near field listening and for normal critical listening as well. Add to it the myriad of connection & streaming options I decided to take a plunge and purchased one. Its still being burnt in , hoping to see many more improvements in future.
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