Opinion on hi-fi/home cinema setup


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Jun 23, 2008

I am looking for a good beefy amp and speakers to go with it.

I have narrowed down to following :

Amp : ONKYO 606 ( for movie but some music also)

Speakers : Dali Ikon 6 / B&W 685 / B&W 684 /Monitor Audio Silver RS6

Rest components i will add by steps.

I would like to get the best sound effects even at low voulmes so each note from speakers should sound distinctive and weight-carrying.

I want people's opinion on the amp and the speakers and suggestions for same or some other brand that i should audtion.

opinon on Monitor Audio models is also welcome.

thanks in advance.
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The three items are excellent individually. At the same time, I think the Ikon will be an over kill for the 606. You could build a good 5.1 around the B&W 685, and it is a 2007 award winner, and will sound good for both movies and music.

In addition to Monitor Audio, you could look at Wharfedale, KEF, PSB, Mission, Klipsch, Dynaudio, Acoustic Energy.

If you are keen on the Ikon 6, look for a AVR from the 700 or 800 series of Onkyo.

I use the Ikons with an old Denon. They sound really good with music and movies both.

As Venkat mentioned, Ikons would definitely shine well with better electronics. In your case, may be for the front channels you can get a pair of Ikon 6 and rest from B&W. Usually I don??t recommend difference components in any set up, but considering the fact that typically an AVR is mostly used for music compared to watching movies. This could be worth the investment.

Having said that, I remember the B&W package as a very good performer on its own. So if you like how it sounds with your proposed components, confidently go ahead! Other packages worth auditioning in this price range are Bronze and Silver series from Monitor audio, Signature series from Tannoy, Mezzo series from MS etc.

All the best.
The speakers options you mentioned are excellent. But, you need a better amp to get the best out of them. I totally agree with Venkat. I think 805 shd work well here.

Hi Anyone has experinece with Onkyo TX-SR703. How is it as a amp .. i heard it has no HDMI i/os.

Hi mridual

what would be the cost of DENON AVR 1909.
It is supposed to be one of the best in its class.

Regarding recievers, how is the opinion on Denon AVR 1909 and AVR 2308.

Both are comptetively priced.. i would appreciate experinces or hearings on same.

Considering the pricing of B&W in India, IMO there is better stuff around at the price point of the B&W 685.
All the best.
hi thakre
if u r goin for speakers like B&W or the DALI IKON, u will be spoiling things by purchasing onkyo receiver. go for some decent brand, at least a denon.
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