oppo dvd players


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Jan 29, 2008

Just went through an old thread saying that SOUND OF MUSIC, Delhi have been appointed as the official retailers for Oppo DVd players. Is it a fact ? I doubt it, because just last week I had mailed the Oppo people and enquired whether they have any plans to launch Oppo DVD players in India, to which they replied in the negative, saying that there were no plans in the near future.

Pl share your views.
Yes that true.... Even I spoke to Mr. Faisal Haimeed of Sound and Music before ordering for a Oppo BDP83 from 20north, to which Mr. Hameed told me that he has no plans of bringing and selling Oppo's BDP in India as the same is region locked for US, according to his information, to which I told him of all the discussions about the same on our forum, so he requested me to forward the link of the same on his email address, which I ultimately did, but I didn't get any call back from him, so I finally decided to buy the same through 20north even knowing all the pros and cons of the same.
Update : I still haven't recieved the player even after close to 40 days.

I believe that Sound of Music must have imported few players from Oppo directly so they announced their intention on this forum to let us know of the player's avaliability, whereas Oppo completely denies the same.
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