Padding under SW and spacers for surrounds


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Apr 2, 2009
Hyd, India
I have a Onkyo HTS240 and my SW is placed in open compartment in the wall-unit, built of plywood and decolam with etched/uneven surface. I noticed that the SW is vibrating sometimes and I suspect the resonance is causing the window doors also to vibrate lightly.

I am thinking of placing a rubber mat under the SW which may prevent it from causing the windows to resonate. Please let me know if you have any suggestions regarding the material, places where it will be available etc.

The surrounds and the surround-back are mounted on the wall and I don't have the spacers that are typically supplied along with the speakers. I hear some very light noise from these 3 speakers vibrating on the wall. Any ideas where I could get the spacers or is there any tip/trick that I could use?

Any non-slippery rubber mat (available at most supermarkets) will do. I've used such in the past and they prevent vibration or rather movement of the subwoofer which would otherwise start dancing and moving all over the place. Not sure about improving SQ/audiophile mats, etc. Spacers should be available at any speaker, hi-fi shop. If your speakers came with rubber spacers i.e. rubber bits with adhesive at one end to stick on the speakers they should work too or if you can pick such stuff i.e. slim rubber mats with adhesive on one end they should work too. Still spacers from an audio hi-fi shop would be preferable instead of DIY stuff. Just don't spend too much on such stuff.
@skumar - Just saw you are from Hyderabad. You should get it at Home Town in Panjagutta. My wife says it will be available at General Bazaar and any of the local "China Bazaar" shops where plastic goods are sold.
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