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Jun 29, 2009
Hi Guys,

I have the following Home Theater Setup.

Pioneer SLX LX-60 AV Receiver (HDMI)
Pioneer DV-600 AV DVD Player (HDMI 1080p)
LG 42LH50 LCD TV (42)
Jamo Speakers (S 506 HCS 3(5.1) + SUB 250)
Tatasky+(Using Component for the video and optical for audio)

Desktop Computer(Core 2 Quad Q9300)
OS - Hckintosh/XP/Vista
NVIDIA 9800GT 1GB(Connected to the Receiver using HDMI)
Sound(Connected to receiver using Optical)

I am planning to get a PS3 very soon :)

My issue is the arrangement of these systems along with my computer. I need to find furniture to fit all these. Please suggest me a model or design or if you have the same setup, please send me a photo.

I am a software guy like to watch movies and listen to all kinds of music. Also plays games.

Thanks in advance,

This one is my favorite for the time being!


Get hold of a good carpenter and explore the possibility to include your PC somehow. Show him the snaps and see how it goes.

I'm sure patient googling will give you many options.

Happy hunting.
BDI and Salamander are super expensive. They are good for ideations. Also look at snapav or studiotech dot com and design a rack mountable system with wire management. Make sure to leave lots of options for fans and other cooling options. The BDI above seems a it constrained in that regard
looks very good, this BDI design!

but those lower compartments look like very good Helmholtz resonance cavities!

and those two long ABS compartments with doors (which have hinges) at the back are not going to help matters at all.

form is one thing, but function another, i suspect
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A question to the experts:

Some people also place the Sub inside a cabinet. What are the PROs and CONs?
I personally believe sub-woofers perform their best when kept out of any sort of enclosures unless you are talking about special inwall units.

A good sub-woofer is not supposed to dance around, but still; it's almost impossible to rule out vibrations on any sub. Given that, placing a sub inside a cabinet could be risky to the other components' optimum performance and safety.

But if its an absolute must and provided the sub is front ported, may be you can take the risk.


How about Alphason Furnitures...???

They have more than 270 regular models and more than 2000+ customized models.

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they workout only in for AV Furniture...

Getting done locally dosent get you the quality, if you look in for quality then you end up paying more than the available ones...

Check out i am sure you will surely get something for your place...
Why dont you think about a networking rack for AV equipments, they look nice and provides a lot of ventilation. Also, you have the flexibility of customising the racks withing

The attached pix is the rack in my house for my theater,
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