Rotel rsx-965 blues


Dec 10, 2008
Hi Guys, this is my setup.

1) Rotel RSX-965
2)sony dvd player (2008 model)
3)Jamo s-408 speakers (front)
4) KEF monitor 100 centre
5)Profx bookshelves as rears.

I have tried three different dvd player on the rotel and the optical/coaxial DTS signal doesnt seem to be decoding. I just hear harsh digital noise. The amp was bought in richie street chennai. I can vouch that there are no defects as it played perfectly with a pioneer dvd player of slightly older vintage very nicely in the shop. Because of this problem once I replaced the rotel with another piece from the same shop. This second rsx too has the same problem with my dvd player (sony DVP-NS78H). Just hissing sound when attempting to play a DTS enabled dvd signal (either optical/coaxial) . Audio cds play fine but only to a certain volume. with optical/coaxial. after which the same hissing sound appears.

ANalogue inputs are absolutely fine and the amp is a delight to listen too.

Can anyone help me around this. The amp is of an older vintage(1999-2000)


Have you checked
1) Sony DVD player?
2) Which connection you are using?Optical/Co axial
3)How you are connectiing DVd to amp?
4) Have you tested with friend's DVD ie another DVD?
5) Is in the setting is there somewhere unable settings for( optical/Co-Ax) for your DVD or in your amp?

Please give us more details esp SONY DVD model Number?
I think your Sony DVD player does not have an optical connection. So I assume you are using a coaxial cable, which rules out the possibility of lens scratch.

like hemant suggested, you could check with your friends DVDp or take your sony to seller's shop and check there.

To add up on his 5th point.
a) check in the AVR's INPUT SELECTOR menu, if the Input source is set to AUTO
b) check your DVDp Quick set-up menu -> Audio set-up -> set both DOLBY DIGITAL and DTSto ON
the manual taks abt noise if these are set to OFF. check the manual for further details.

Hope this helps.

In addition to or before that please first make sure that the DTS/DD out Via Optical or Co-Axial is set to RAW in the DVD Player !! by default it will set to PCM/Bitstrem which older generation AVR's like the Rotels cannot understand and hence might throw a noise instead of sound :p !!

So please check this first (In all probability this should fix the problem) and then follow the suggestions given by others ;)!!

This coudl be due to a number of issues including the firmware, AVR motherboard, soldering, dirt etc. etc.

I would start with the output stage first to make sure its not a problem because you say the CD vol also drops off. Take an mp3 player hooked upto a Y cable and connect to CD input. hook up only 1 speaker and move across the channels L/R/C/SR/SL.

Increase/decrease vol. Make sure to switch the amp off completely between each step.

2. Try to reset the AVR to see if the issue goes away

3. Use a keyboard duster (canister) to clear out dust by spraying from a safe distance (8-10 inches away from your AVR)

Post your results from the above...
A big thanks to all you wonderful people. But I guess soundsgreat's post has the answer to my problem. My sony DVD player (model mentioned in the starter post) has no possibility of RAW DTS output, instead it relies on PCM output. This is consistent thru either the optical or the coaxial output. I guess will have to pickup a new dvd player for which i am getting in touch with a friend.

Thanks guys for all the support. I will repost once i solve the problem.

Thanks once again!

A big thank you to soundsgreat!
TO all others! its only the coaxial and opyical outputs that have this problem. All analogue RCA line ins have no issues.

Hope this post helps someone who buys an older receiver!

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