Subwoofer to stereo amp without pre-out


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Sep 20, 2008
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Hi All,

I'm planning to buy a stereo setup( CA 340A/Norge 2060 + Norge Bookshelves/Wharfedale 9.1 ) (Actually I'm very limited on budget :( ).Please suggest on this package or any alternative package under 20K.

I actually love bass in music and movies.Later I'd like to upgrade the system by adding an active subwoofer.But here I have a confusion : The amp's doesn't seem to have a pre-out,will I be able to connect a sub to it by some means?

For integrating a subwoofer, if possible two for a stereo setup, the most recommended connection is by running the power/integrated amplifier output connected to main speakers in parallel to the sub(s). Since the amplifier of the sub has very high input impedance, current flow will be negligible. The sub just looks at the main amplifier output and tries to boost the lowest frequencies with a similar sonic signature as the main speakers. This is essentially the real integration of a subwoofer into a hifi music setup. Of course, for this, you need a good active subwoofer and a lot of experimentation in crossover and placement to achieve the right integration. FYI, I use two Rel subs in stereo setup like this.
The best subwoofers that integrate well and are musically accepted by knowledgeable listeners include models from Bag End, Rel, M&K and Vandersteen. But they are expensive which is no surprise because reproduction of lower frequencies is not cheap at all.
My advice will be unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money in getting the right subs, try to settle for a pair of good main speakers. Subsoofers for the sake of having are not worth.
Just sharing my experiences and observations.

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Thanks for the details :)

So can I just hook up any active subwoofer to a stereo ( I have mentioned the amp's I'm considering to buy earlier ).Do I need to do some matching or it'll be just like connecting another speaker.I really want a sub.

Please help.

Hauntedhunter, I dont remember where you reside, but for your budget, you should look at buying a sub from an Indian manufacturer. I am not sure whether Norge makes one, but there are other companies such as Torvin (Chennai), Lithos (Pune), Audiocraft / Craftel (Chennai), who make good subs. If you buy any of the imported subs, it will cost you upwards of 15K.

Another option is to use HiFiVision and get a used sub. Please look under the 'For Sale' forum.


Actually I'm in Delhi.Thanks for the suggestions but sub is a second thing,first I need to buy that stereo setup,so please suggest me on that.
Regarding sub I wanted to know if I will be able to connect an active sub to an integrated stereo amp without a pre-out,because there is a good amount of price difference between an amp with a pre-out and without pre-out.
actually are you sure you need a sub ? do let us know the kind of music you listen to and your room size ? Good subwoofers do not come cheap and integerating a sub is not an easy job for music ;)

From the choices you have mentioned, adding the sub budget and getting a really betterpair of speakers with a lower extension may be a better idea as with proper placement you can improve on the bass ..Or going for a Sub Sat setup.
As ARJ says, at your price point, it is very difficult to put together a set of good speakers and a sub. Some of the options you have are:

1. Get inexpensive floor standing speakers that have a good base themselves. You should go to a place such as eZone and see if they have some inexpensive full range speakers.
2. Look for inexpensive bookshelves that go low. Unfortunately this option may be expensive.
3. Buy a sub sat system such as Lithos Noa1 (noa1). There are lots of these available from various national and international brands.

Yes you can connect an active sub to any amp, though with a sub out, it is a bit tricky.


Actually my budget is 20K without the sub.I plan to add a sub later.As of now my only confusion was whether I can add an active sub later to an integrated stereo amp without a pre-out or not?

Suggestion on speaker + amp set within by budget please.

Thanks again to all of you!
Hi Hauntedhunter,

I'm not familiar with the amp you've mentioned. But most of the amps have two sets of speaker outputs (a & b) and also subs have provision to input a pre-out and/or regular speaker output. If this is the case then you could use the second set of speaker output (say b where a is connected to your front speakers) from your amp to connect to the sub.

You can surely look for norge 2060 for 8k and the same brand floorstanders for 18k, you can bargain it to 15k, its sounds quite well at the price, so it would also cross your budget but more or less 10%.
Cambridge audio 340a at 14000k is again a entry level amp with less watts though it performs decent, i had a chance to listen to it with mordant short avant 305 book selfs (10k) and i remember the combo was very good with decent mids and at Bass too..but it would again exceed your limit of 20k.
Worth giving them a try.
Go and take a heed..

Thanks for the info.

Yes I heard good reviews about Norge products. The problem is they are only in Mumbai :(

Any idea where I can audition Cambridge + Mordaunt/Wharfedale in New Delhi ?

Any suggestions on Sonodyne?

Thanks again!
Thanks a lot for this.It was very very helpful and informative.

Just a question :

Step 1: Set the correct frequency level in the subwoofer.

What does it mean ?

( Sorry I'm not an audiophile to understand all these.Just in learning phase )

Thanks a lot for this.It was very very helpful and informative.

Just a question :

Step 1: Set the correct frequency level in the subwoofer.

What does it mean ?

It means that you have to set the subwoofer's low frequency handling range. The typical frequency range of human hearing is between 20-20,000Hz. A subwoofer is responsible only for the very lowest end of this frequency range. The sub's low-pass crossover filters out all sounds above a certain frequency, and usually this crossover point is user-adjustable. For eg. if your front speaker's woofer can go down up to 40HZ, then set the frequeny in your subwoofer to 40HZ. With this setting your subwoofer will handle only frequency below 40HZ. NOTE: Read the frequency handling range of your front speakers from the user manual and then set the subwoofer's frequency level accordingly.

( Sorry I'm not an audiophile to understand all these.Just in learning phase )

Well I am also not an audiophile and I am just sharing from what I know :)

Re: how to convert woofer to subwoofer

hi i am patnaik newcommer,
can any one plz help me to build diy home made subwoofer cheaply
i want to know how to make subwoofer(not board or amp but woofer) with normal woofer by changing its coil,or cone.
waiting for reply
Just use the tape out of the amp to connect to the sub. Any amp will have this

only downside is you cant control volume of sub from the amp. you need keep adjusting volume on sub

Connecting the sub to the other speaker set,won't it make less power available to the main speakers?


Yes it will ... Assuming that an amplifier's specification is 100+100 watts, then ....

1) If a single pair (only speaker A or B) is connected, then each speaker will be driven with 100 watts power.

2) If two pairs (speaker A & B) are connected then the output power will be distributed i.e. each speaker will be driven with 50 watts power.

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