The making of a mini theatre (4)


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Nov 3, 2007
Mini Theatre Acoustic & Sound Proofing

In my mini theatre i have fair share of glass wool on the walls (2" to 4" thick), 12 mm plywood with varied sized holes (diameter corresponding to diameter of speaker drivers) from top to bottom for specific frequency band absorption, and acoustics tiles by armstrong for the ceiling.

2" glass wool is used for high frequencies and 4" glass wool is used for low frequencies (Sub Woofer). On Ply wood i have pasted a thin foam, the foam has been cut where there are varied sizes of holes, than covered with a red colour special fabric, which is laced with in-direct holes so that the glass wool can catch up with the sound of my system.

The fabric which i have used on all the walls is similar to the one's used on adidas and nike, expensive sports shoes.
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really love the build & progress pictures. Thanks for the tip, i've plans to go for similar floating wall for my apartment in mahabalipuram [chennai].
Sunil, we share the same passion, you already have a very good home theatre, now you are talking about the second one, i too have the desire to make one more home theatre, which should be any day better than the one i have, there is so much to learn from a few members in this forum, actually for most of the members, they are getting to see a new entertainment idea, the great home theatre, i think hardly anyone has a good home theatre, otherwise they would have obliged us with the pictures.

I have seen the pictures of your home theatre in the making, that is how i got the idea, and uploaded my theatre pictures.
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