TV with good upscaling for OTT & streaming


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Mar 3, 2010
Hi All,

I'm planning to replace a decade old Sony LCD with a smart 4K TV that can will be used to play HD satellite channels, OTT content (Netflix, Youtube etc).
After audiotioning them in stores nearby, the have the following options shortlisted, all in 55"

Sony X90K (FALD) - @101,000
Samsung QN85B (Neo QLED) - @92,500/-
LG QNED81 @70,000

1. Given my use cases, should i just stick with the LG or Samsung?
2. Is the pricing offered reasonable, considering Deepavali & most cashback deals closing tomorrow?

Appreciate insights!
I think X90K would be the best for upscaling due to XR processor and is generally a good all round TV for any type of content. I went to purchase it and played lots of content but got distracted with G2 OLED. If not for the OLED I personally would have chosen the X90K. Ultimately you should demo all the 3 TVs in your local stores while playing the same content on the same mode(preferably Standard) for as long as you need and finalize the one that looks the best.

X90k 65 inches can be had for under 120k and nearer to 110k if you bargain a bit in most of the stores. Prices have come down quite a bit during festive season. 55 inches should be far less in cost than you mentioned. Or if you have the appropriate space and viewing distance you can get the 65 inches for immersion.
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