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Oct 3, 2008
Hi folks,
This is my first post.
I am planning to set up a Home theater with the following set up,
AV receiver : Onkyo TX-SR 606
/ Speaker package : B&W 685

Is this a right selection?? My listening proportion is 70% music & 30% movies.
Whats your take on the stereo quality of front 685 book shelves?

Looking for sound advice.

Cheers :)
Haven't heard the BWs personally but from all reviews, they seem to be the best at their price bracket and work well for both music and movies. If your usage is more music, then try looking for a more musical amp like Arcam, Marantz or CA. These may shift your budget upward slightly but are well worth the money if music matters to your most.
Thanks buddy :)

I preferred Onkyo multichannel receiver as i am setting up a home theater system. Any feedback on the speakers & AV receiver combination which i have mentioned??
cool, i too was planning on the Onkyo TX-SR 606 and elac cinema 1 sat , just saw this review about the SR606 and it doesnt seem very encouraging, Onkyo TX-SR606 (black) AV receiver reviews - CNET Reviews

Yes, as per CNET the 606 seems to be wanting in the video processing area. Also look at whathifi.com - Reviews - Onkyo TX-SR606.

If you have an external upscaling DVD player, you will still get good value from the 606 as its sound processing for movies is top notch.

Competing AVRs are the Denon 1909 and the Yamaha 863.

venkat has been helping me on PM, maybe i should write here for all to benefit, among receivers now it boils down to Onkyo TX-SR 606 or Yamaha RX-V 863 or Denon 1909... So far the Onkyo sounded good to me, havent heard the 1909 or the 863.
Although I have'nt heard either of these, but as per reviews, Onkyo 606 & Denon 1909 are competing hard with each other, with Denon being slightly better for music (again as per reviews, not IMO). But 606 is bad at upscaling videos, while I am yet to read a detailed review about 1909's upscaling capabilities.
So my question is: Does upscaling to 720p a Tata Sky signal really make a difference? In which case 1909 seems to be a better choice, but is expensive by more than $100. Otherwise, 606 should be best value for money.
Even I am contemplating importing either 1909 or 606 and am unable to decide.
But I have heard Onkyo 605 & few Yamahas, and I feel that yamahas generally sound harsher with music and are well-suited only for HT use.
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