DIY: Shifting DTH set top box to another room


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May 8, 2007
This is a thread to seek inputs on how to shift the connection to a different room. I believe both Tatasky and Airtel charge around 600 + consumables to do so.
A few things that I thought may be required.
A. Additional cable, if cable length provided is limited.
B. F-connector extenders (??) to attach new cable to existing cable
C. Drill or an existing inlet in the wall of the target room

Am I on the right track? Where can one buy these cables/connectors?
You are absolutely right. I shifted my DTH connection from ground floor to first floor without any hassle. Remember to buy a few of the threaded BNC connectors. It is always preferable to fix a new connector if there is some damage while shifting. In any case you will be needing the BNC connectors for the extenders.

You should get all these very easily in your city's electronics market area. In Chennai we have a series of electronic shops called Mercy Electronics and they carry these items. Similarly we have an electronics market area called Ritchie Street where all these are available. You should have similar retail outlets in your city.

Some pointers and info.

1. It is best to restrict the length of cable between your DTH dish and STB to 20 meters.

Maybe you will get away with 30 meters of cable. Beyond that, the picture will progressively deteriorate with increased cable length, though if you are not using a large screen TV, you could get away with long lengths.

If the cable length in the new positioon is likely to exceed 30 meters, its would be a better idea to re-locate the dish so that its within 20 meters of the new location.

If for some reason, you MUST deploy 50 meters or more of cable, you will need to install a 'Bulet Amplifier."

You will need to buy RG-6 Cable. The best brands are Commscope or TFC.

You will need one Cable Jointer ( Female to female F Connector ) and two Male F Connectors, for each piece of cable extension.

Try to keep the number of joints to a minimum.

You have not stated which City / town you are located.

Check out : Satellite & Cable TV

for the name of a suitable Retailer / locality in your town, where you can buy DTH and Cable TV hardware.

All the best...

P.S: Most Cable TV operators do not carge for a location shift... at most, they will charge for extra cables. I have found dealing with Cable operators more direct and personal, compared to a Call centre operator... not to mention the frustration of reaching one... ) IMHO Ofcourse ! )
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