Free Classical Music CD for you!!!


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Aug 31, 2006
Free Classical Music CD for you!!!

I posted this message below on 'the other HiFi forum , somehow I forgot to post it here , so I am posting here for the benefit of fellow members here . Many members on that forum got their CD in just 10 days or less, you too can have it, beautiful music for free.. It is Western Classical music by the on..


Norway is blessed with many churches and cathedrals and most of 2L's recordings are made in these wonderful spaces. The music captured by 2L features Norwegian composers and performers, and an international repertoire reflected in the Nordic atmosphere.

The traditional way to illuminate and enhance an identity is to define the borders to operate within. This Norwegian label has chosen a different path as the products are developed without fences, originating from classical European art music and traditional folk music, recognizing the fundamental values of musical performances and excellent sound production

Order a CD-sampler free of charge!

Log on to : 2L sampler CD 2007

Fill up the details such as Name, email, postal address etc. And a free CD will be in your mail box in just 10 days flat! I am not joking friends, I did it on June 15, and surprized to see a CD in my mail box yesterday !

CD contains some well recorded classical music:

Just to name a few

1> Mozart Violin Concerto in D major - Allegro 9:14
2> Bartok Sonata for solo Violin - Fuga 4:11
3> Madsen Dimitri 1:34

and others total 17 tracks. The web page I mentioned lists all details about 17 tracks and more about 2L lable.





i read the whole page. The way they have said they do the recording, finding a proper place, balancing of microphones and technology involved in transfering the recording to the cd is mind blowing.

Wish all the record lables be it any genre went in such details with their products
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