Hi Guys n Gals


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Apr 6, 2020
New Delhi
Hi spike welcome to HFV
And btw there are no Gals here lol
Thats quite a shame actually. Ive noticed women arent into gear though they love their music.

In any case, it just happened to work to my benefit yesterday. This friend of a friend of a friend dropped off some of her dads records which were over 40 years old and consisting of tschaikowsky, strauss, bach, george frideric, mussorgsky, mozart to name a few. Plus, the covers were in immaculate/near mint condition despite being 4 decades old.

I consider myself an uncouth uncultured brute of sorts so though i had somewhat of an idea about the artists and that i was holding on to pure gold, i had no idea about pieces from these composers. Enter my better half and not only was she well aware of these composers, she knew most of the symphonies/compositions rather well. In fact, we spent a good deal of time listening to a variety of pieces from these composers (including beethoven and chopin on streaming services since these were missing from the vinyl collection so generously bestowed upon me). What i realised then (after a good 8 years :p) is that She really does appreciate good music except she has no interest whatsoever with respect to the quality and resolution of the reproduction, ergo, good gear.

i guess i need to invest in a serious turntable now. Time to start a thread to elicit advise for one.
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