hi to all...my first post and a wierd one as well


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Sep 10, 2008
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hi to all
this is my first post on hifivision. as my query would cover all aspects of a very unusual home theater, i was a bit confused as to where to put the thread..so am putting it here.

i currently have :

1.a pc with a decent graphics card with hdmi output and an onboard sound card capable of spdif..and has analog 7.1 output
2.a 29" tv in my living room which would evidently be shifted in a bedroom.
3.a sony dav dz120k HTIB which i purchased couple of years back.

what i plan to get :
1.32"/37"/40" lcd samsung, by diwali as per the prices at that time

since i am getting a lcd, i was excited about the prospects of having high definition outside my stupid 17" pc lcd. i may see the HD, but i cant hear it as the sony HTIB doesnt have a 6 channel input for sound, only has 2 channel analog input. IT neither has any spdif inputs.

as for the hd, i planned to put my pc in the adjooining room, connect to the tv and HT setup with 30 feet long wires which run from room to room.also with them would be a usb ext. with which i would connect a mce remote.
hence a htpc solution in another room.

so i planned to sell the sony off and buy the cheapest solution that would suffice for my parents(my availablity after graduation is a doubt..so my parents are going to use the system)

suggestions that i got from another forum :
1.logitech z5500(though m nt sure how well pc speakers would perform)
2.onkyo hts3100/ hts 3105...

i think i will get 6-8k for my current HT..which is in excellent condition from somewhere.

for the cabling i would need 30 feet long :
1.hdmi wire
2.rca cables
3.usb extension for remote Ir reciever.

m attaching a layout of my plan i drew on paint(which looks like a child's art :D)...

please do give suggestions for the setup/HT/TV or the cabling.


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My first thought...30 feet digital cables are a bad idea in any circumstance. HMDI and USB for 30 feet is asking for signal loss and trouble. Instead of that, why not just move the PC near your HT, install some Linux-based media centre on it and use it for media playback? Is there a reason for the distance between the HT and the PC?
I remember nightmarish stories from friends who tried long runs of HDMI cables and spent nights trying to debug whether the amplifier output was at fault or the TV or their sanity. Just trying to save you the same potential hassle.
Is it 30 feet or 300 feet? :)

Nfsfan, long HDMI cables have serious issues in terms of being able to carry signals properly. You have to use expensive cables, and they will cost a bomb.

Hey NFS,
Welcome to the forum,Have a long stay here:).
Guess you have a budget of 20k approx for ur HT setup,Then i would recommend you go for the Onkyo HT s 3100 model,as it gives you decent performance for movies.It is also HDTV capable through component connections.
IT does not have HDMI connectivity.You will have to rely on the other sources.
In fact i was also considering Z 5500,But none of em here recommended z 5500 here for a HT solution as they are more of a PC based setup.
The A/V reciever you get in the 3100 is a good value for money,and it can decode the current generation audio formats clearly.The only downside is that the Sub is passive and you cannot really think of future upgrades to it.
But the reciever has a High power transformer,and it easily powers all ur speakers and sub at 120 and 130 W,continuously.
This model is currently priced at 19400 INR in E-zone.Then you would need to spend some on the cables and other interconnects.
I really have good week end movies with this one,as i just bought this for that purpose only.But You cannot expect a lot on the music front,if you are so particular about music.For that you can rely on good 2.1 setup instead.

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well..made a typo there. It is 30 feet.

I assume for 30 feet both the analog audio and hdmi are reliable.I cant set up a purpose htpc atm because of money restrictions. Thus i thought of cabling. I hope 30 feet is alright, I searched quite a bit on that but i suppose i must take the expert advice as well :cool: .

a rca cable would be thick..and i have to carry like 3 of them, so is there any way that i can use a 3.5mm headphone extension cable for thatlong and in the end use a rca cable?

is samsung fine for the tv(read a lot here..people are happy here..but have a samsung fridge..its the worst piece of electronic equipment my household has ever had!)

edit : thinking of a single spdif cable.but its limtation is 1.5Mbps...i think that all the ac3 channels i.e dts and dd used in the HD-rips(no bluray atm)..is more or less equal to that. Or, is analog better?
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What is the exact need ???
Is is that some secret tasks will be running on PC ..You will be running Videos so that other public will be busy seeing them ..

and you are happy on the PC room .... :p
Not good enough....30 feet...problems....specially with HDMI...bad solution. Move PC in living room or get a very cheap second PC to run the movies.
na..the pc is actually meant for 2 tasks.

one in my room where i have it with the monitor and keyboard..thats for studies...i could have kept he pc in the other room but then i would have to get a vga cable of 30 feet.

that's why i was thinking of going the other way round.i googled a lot on this and came to the conclusion that 30 feet would be doable for hdmi

30 feet hdmi problems - Google Search
{check the reduser site}

and i hope the same for a coaxial spdif(that is for sound) as well as usb(need this for the remote).

its just that however good lcd screens may be for pc purposes, they cant be better than sittin close enough to a pc monitor(the tv would be large for reading). This setup also gives me an advantage as to work on + somebody else can watch movies on the other screen as well.

i could just run the pc on windows all the time, using the xbmc which IMO looks absolutely fantatsic!
just look at this
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