Ipod Touch - White Screen of Death


Jul 29, 2008
my Ipod got cursed with the WSOD. I connected the ipod to the computer for charging and downloaded a few apps.
Disconnected the ipod and came the white screen. The Ipod was in a switched off mode and was just getting charged. it was not recognised on itunes.

Attempts to re-boot the ipod failed completely. There was no red scrool bar or the apple logo.

Nothing seems to work now. No signs of life in the screen now. Sleep or hme buttons do not have any affect.

I know the ipod is being charged and is connected to the desktop since I can see it in the hardware list.

Please advice.
Hello RAC,
sorry to hear what has happened. Have you tried contacting the apple people. You can find contact numbers of apple repair centre in your city by contacting the apple help line. In case your product doesn't have Indian warranty they will charge you. These Apple company is vit tricky to deal with so be very careful. When my apple tv died I contacted them and hand it over to them. It was bought from singapore and out of warranty.( You can check in the apple website if your ipod still under warranty) After inspecting for a week they said not only they can't repair it but to get it back I have to pay them Rs 1800. this is one of the most outrageous thing ever heard from anybody. Well its another way of taking the product back from you and use its parts. so be very careful
@mahiruha - Thanks for the info> I checked the apple site and my ipod is out of warranty. I also did a check on the service prices and they are $199.00. I am in shock. 10K for ipod service.

Hope the Indian service centres dont charge that much.
The best course is to update with a newer firmware if you can lay your hands on one. It works best and especially for h/w that is out of warranty.
Oh you are from blore.
Just try to google and I am shure you'll get he solution,that to DIY.

I have sucessfuly unbricked a Windows PDA smartphone - O2 XDA Exec 2 .. Only thing you need patience and percevereince....
It took me 15-20 days with approx 100 Tries. I was not understanding what I was doing but instruction were written for no brainer....:D:D:D
unbricking is done easily in mumbai
there is a network of pl who do it for clients at heera panna.
(one who is a friend)
there is a charge of 1000-1500rs

unfortunately youre in banglore
can it still play via the headphones?

If so, you may want to recycle (delete in device manager and wait for the system to recognise automatically) the USB drives to see if it is automatically picked up. Make sure its in on when doing this.

Try on other operaitng system like XP to see it is recognized as the drivers are slightly different.

if these fail then unbrick may be the option.
It's completely dead, at least the screen is. First it was a blank white screen and multiple attempts to reboot the ipod lead to no display on the screen. Not even sure if it is switchin on as there are no signs.

However, when I connect to computer, I see Apple device in the hardware manager whcih indicates that at least it could be getting charged.

I have tried the re-booting steps from the net, no use. I am now just going to wait for a week or so and let the battery drain out and then try re-starting it again. Hope it works.

If not, toooo... the apple store in my batmobile.
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