Is diamond 9 HCP ok for 15x12 room replacing WH2 ??


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Jan 23, 2008
Dear Members,
I plan to go for full package from Wharf diamond 9 HCP (indian combination) which has MRP of 39K, to be used with my Marantz SR301. I think of getting rid of presently 1 yr old WH2 centre and surround in combination with audio system speakers as FL and FR.
Plan 1-
Try to sell out WH2 package, go for diamond 9 HCP ( 4 inch drivers).
Plan 2 -
Retain the surrounds from WH2, sell out only the centre and go for Diamond 9.1 pair with Diamond 9.1 CS ( 5 inch driver units) (total MRP 24K)

The sub from Audiocraft may be retained or even replaced by SW150, as suggested by forum members. WH2 has 4 inch driver in all the units, hence I am more inclined towards the second plan, though I don't know the surrounds from WH2 will get along with Diamond 9.1 and cs carrying 5 inch drivers.

Kindly help me in this regard ASAP as I may go for them very soon, may be tmrw as I will visit chennai. If some of our forum members are intrested in my WH2 package, they are most welcome to have the entire set from me.

Thanks and regards.
You can go with option 2. Surrounds WH2 are adequate for decent movie performance. Surrounds do not output sound all the time. So upgrading the front and center should do.

I think you should retain the WH2 package and go for the 9.2s and the SW150
sub for around 33-34k. Being from the same speaker company the timbre matching may not be a problem i think. Since you are going for a HT setup i think you should rather go for the 9.2s cause they have better lows and larger sound stage than the 9.1. With the Marantz AVR you will need the thump of the 9.2s and the sub. But its only me and i am no expert. Please wait for more discerning views and do take an audition.

If I am correct, the driver size and make matters a lot for tonal matching, WH2 uses one type of driver and diamond series has kelvar. Even diamond with 4 inch driver sounds different than wh2 centre though both have 4 inch drivers. Hence don't u feel atleast the front channels shall match with centre on make, size and type of drivers?
Being 9.2 user for long time, ur the best to tell me whether they do better justice to movie as comp to 9.1 along with nice sub? You can also suggest the best price possible on all the components..
Polk audio TSi series are far cheaper than wharf in the 5 inch range, but with 8 ohm nom imp. which may under power the ratings of Marantz 140W pch at 6 ohms.
If I go for 9.2, then I need the 9 cm model for matching and then they will be far from the surrounds I prefer to retain.
Your comments pl.

I had a talk with the pro msuicals guy now. He says there may be slight variation with the 9.2s and WH package since as rightly said by you they have different drivers.

He recommends the 1. DBS 8 sourrounds-13k &
2.Diamond 9CC-11K or 9CS -13K for center. for correct timbre matching. Please try to take an audition and decide for yourself. I think you should retain your present sub and change to a SW150 later.

I have no hesitation in recommending the 9.2s for fronts

so nice of u sri for being online and talking to dealer on my behalf. Being an old customer from Pro musical, will u please get me best offered quote for 9.1, 9.2, centre 9 series cc, cs, cm plus the surround u have suggested. I am online till I get reply as mostly I may go for them tmrw after demo.
I will retain the woofer for some more time, as u told.

The guy is now not in the shop and he is not able to give me the correct prices. Please remember the wharfdale prices have gone up since i bought the 9.2s. I have told him you may visit him tomorrow and he should give the best prices to you. I will give you a PM now.

Dear Sri and others,
I bought Diamond 9.1 finally from Grand Cinema at 13k-8% discount. Thanks for all ur guidance at the time of need. I could not get the person on phone u have asked for. Moreover I already had deal with Grand for my Marantz and WH2, hence he was my first choice. Demo room and the sales executives from Grand are too good to have repeated deal. I had demo of Diamond 9 HCP (39K) and Energy Classic Take 5.1. Could nt find HCP a better performer than WH2, but no doubt the energy is just outstanding at 40K MRP and the best moving package at present. Subwoofer from energy is classic in design and particularly the centre channel beats wh2 in all aspects. In fact it was even comparable to Diamond 9 cs when connected side by side. fronts and surrounds from energy didn't attarct me over wharfedale and hence I dropped the idea of going for the complete package. Final demo of Diamond 9.1, 9 cs and 9 DFS plus SW150 along with Marantz Sr4001 moved me out of my seat and I have settled for them. I could able to get only 9.1 on the spot and other ones to be booked. SW150 is not in my list as I prefer to retain the sub.
When I have connected 9.1 along with WH2 and SR301, the entire signature changed and the units matched so nicley within little adjustment from AVR. In fact the centre image has improved a lot in presence of this lovely pair. So finally I have understood why this little 9.1 is the most loving speaker all over world.
Thanks for everything.
Hi diploamt

Congrats to you! So the existing WH2 package is matching with the 9.1s huh?
Great. It does not matter where do you buy your stuff from. You should be happy with the deal. Thats the bottom line. Yeah the Wharfs are wonderful speakers at their price range. My son is in love with them:). You should also get a 14 or 16 AWG speaker wires if you have not done it already.

Have a blast with your new speakers.:clapping:

I also was surprised to get wh2 matched with 9.1. May be the wh2 series is designed for universal front spk combination, hence with littel effort the job was done. I use designer audio cable SPK 16 from the begining, hence no problem on that part. Thanks for ur comments sri.
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