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Sep 28, 2008
Hi folks,

Iam looking for art movies.

Long time back i did see movies of Adoor Gopalakrishnan (malayalam director) movies, couple of old hindi movies - one which i still remember is about the movie (running time apprx 75 mins) where pankaj kapoor was the main lead (the whole movie was only in a conference room), and "veedu" (tamil movie) very recently i did see "kanchivaram" (Tamil movie - based on formation of "Kancheepuram Silk Cooperative Society") which i liked.
Couple of satyajit ray movies (well a little understanding of bengali), but dont remember the name of those movie(s).

Any one in this forum having similar taste, do let me know about good art movies. (Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and a bit of Bengali - movies in these languages are most welcome - oh!! well these are what i understand - eventhough i have not seen any on "Telugu" line.)

Movies based on "real story" is also one of my favourites. Well iam not looking into any commercial formal movies that were hits.

Eventually i will add them to my library as well!
DD used to broadcast such movies every sunday afternoon, around 20 years ago... hmmm... long time. Do they still do it now?
Moser Baer has started selling copies of old award winners in cannes and other festivals. Pricey at 350/- + INR but worth it!!

Hi sgmane
Hindi movies that come to my mind are
Gaman -- based on effects of partition of India
Ardhsatya -- a policemans fight against system and self
Party -- by Govind Nihalani
Kalyug -- I think directed by Shashi kapoor. Modern day adaptation of Mahabharata**
Saransh -- Mahesh Bhatt movie
Manthan -- Shyam Benegal (Based on Dr. Kurien's white(Milk) revolution) **
Mammo -- Shyam Benegal
more recently
Black Friday - Anurag Kashyap (talented Director)
maqbool -- Vishal Bhardwaj (Pankaj Kapoor acting is fantastic loved the movie) **

and if you wish I would recommend Gujarati Movie Mirch Masala by Ketan Mehta look at the star cast sorry "Actors" -- (Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Smita Patil, Raj Babbar, Suresh Oberoi, Mohan Gokhale, Benjamin Gillani, Deepti naval, Dina Pathak, Paresh Rawal)
Also loved "Salim Langde pe mat ro" by Saeed Mirza**

** my favourite
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Hi folks,

Iam looking for art movies.

hi sgmane,

utv world movies screens films on tv. physical dvds available on rent from cinema paradiso. one in jayanagar and one in koramangala. i rent movies from them now and then. good collection. seventymm online also might have some art films. not too sure you could check. my local dvd rental place keeps some good foreign flicks pirated versions so watch out at local places too!

Thanks to all you folks.
Now i have added some in my list after seeing your reply.
Will try to watch those.
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