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Dec 8, 2007
Mohali (Near Chandigarh)
SVGA Projector for HT

Hello everyone

I was just wondering (after reading various recomendations) that an SVGA multimedia projector, can serve a resonable HT purpose in smaller rooms, for those on very tight budget, a few days back Benq 511+ projector ( Recommended by AV Max magazine ) was quoted at Rs 26,500/- + Vat @12.5%.

Found some positives after a lot of negatives.

(1) If you view at a distance of 2.5 times the screen width you won't notice
any big improvement in sharpness with XGA over SVGA.

(2) An interesting special case At a distance of 10 feet, you won't see any pixel structure on either XGA or SVGA , when both are displayed side by side with 4-foot wide images.(60 inch diagonal)

Please share some interesting/knowledgeable facts/positives .......

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If you are not viewing HD stuff and your target screen size is not large then SVGA projectors are fine. The only problem is that projectors are not yet robust as TVs for daily viewing and require high maintenance. So its better to opt for plasmas/large CRTs in such cases.
Guys, I thought of starting a new thread, but then decided to revive this dead (rather dormant) thread. I am a total newbie in this HT field, but quite charmed with PJ and wish to own one. But looking at my past experiences, my interests keep on changing (don't last long), so I'm no mood to put in much of INRs into it. Moreover I don't have any HD gizmo with me and not even planning on one in near future. Now this means I'll be going in for a SVGA one.

What I'm looking for is a projector which I intend to use for home use i.e. watching movies, playing PS2 games and Live sports from digital cable. Since ours is an old construction, so I can't go in for a dedicated room, but can guarantee a dark one and sized 12'x12'. So kindly suggest me a decent inexpensive one and economical in long run (in case it fancied me for a long time :)). Also since I live in Chandigarh, so after sales too had to be kept in mind. I certainly know of Benq, Dell, Panasonic and Sharp dealers in here. There could be others as well, but I'm not aware of those.

I shall appreciate an early response.

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