Wall mounting a 52 inch LCD in Hyderabad


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Feb 4, 2009
I need to wall mount my 52 inch Sharp. For some reason the Sharp customer service says they do not recommend wall mounting anything larger than 42" due to "weight." I am still arguing with them about this. They will get back to me after consulting with their HQ. This I find very strange since the large screens are meant to be wall mounted. Anyone aware of any other providers in the Hyderabad area?
I think that must be an opinion of an individual employee and I am pretty sure no one will get back to you on this....they must have already realised they goofed up on this. And why do you need to hire someone from outside...the company must do it fro free ideally, if not ask them to do it and pay(if the price is reasonable).
where did u purchased the lcd from coz i got a 47in lg wall mounted for free recently in hyderabad and we bought it from excite , banjara hills. the lg guys reported in 24 hours and mounted it..
wall mounting is free for all the lcd and plasma irrespective of the manufacturers.
all the companies do it for free.
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