Which amp for JBL Bass Tube


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Feb 10, 2008
i just got a jbl bass tube 12" here is the info-http://www.jbl.com/car/products/product_detail.aspx?prod=CS1204T&Language=ENG&Country=IN&Region=EUROPE&cat=LEN&ser=CSS
i m confused with the amps, dunno whic one to buy sony or jbl the infos are here

XM-ZR602 : Xplod� Amplifier : In-Car Entertainment : Sony India
JBL Car & Marine Audio

need help guys, i got pioneer head display model no- DEH P6850, the speakers are the default speakers that came with my car(elantra) i think they are hyundai speakers(2 at rear,2at front & 2 tweeters) i m pretty happy with the midrange sound i get from the speakers but not happy with the bass thats y i got the sub :) jut confused on the amp, any help will be greats,

I would anyday go for JBL amp rather then a Sony Xplod.
Buy a monoblock or a 2 channel amp, which ever suits your bass tube.
If you go for a 2 channel amp, you will have to use it in bridge mode
will go for a 2channel jbl amp & use it on bridge mode:)
thanks for the help.

i would advice against a bass tube and suggest a decent subwoofer in a sealed enclosure oriented towards a sound quality setup.

As far as ive read bass tube has a notorious reputation of boosting particular frequencies in the sub bass spectrum instead of giving you an overall balanced bass sound of all sub bass frequencies. The balanced characteristic is what is required in a sound quality oriented setup.
I agree with rikahv on JBL also ditto that your are better off with a sealed woofer rather than a tube.
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Buy JBL. You have the GT5 and the GTO range.

Please do not buy sony amp. Kenwood, Blau and other brands are still better than sony.
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