F-clamps for speaker enclosure

The metal clamps will leave their own marks when you clamp them tightly on wood, resulting in damaging the wood / mdf. These types of clamps are more suitable for sheet metal works.

You can use this clamps but make sure you use some kind of rubber between the 2 jaws & wood surface to prevent any kind of damage. Regarding the quality i cant say anything.
Thanks Sadik for your opinion and the wood piece buffer tip. One more thing crossed out of the prep list. Yay!!!!
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Once you received it, can you please let us know how it is? I'm also looking for some f clamps!
The Inder 24" F-clamps arrived yesterday. The paint quality looks similar to Stanley F-clamps. Build quality looks quite solid. It has wooden tightening handle compared to the rubber/plastic combo tightening handle of other brands. So if you're on a budget and need a clamp that works and not too fussy about looks then these seem to be the best priced clamps in the market.
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