Get ready for HD

Tbh,I couldnt figure out the chart. I was looking for 720/1080p and 5.1 audio:)
But if what you say is true, thats awesome news! Yep makes more sense to go for full hd lcds now!

Just search for "TEST HD -1" in that page and you will see a HD video being transmitted at 8+ Mbps
I just realised that while I worked in the Automobile sector before foraying to IT , this famous ford statement was mercilessly rubbed into us day in and day out in all those customer service classes :)
.. Btw, I am in a pretty upbeat mood as I will be going to ezone tomorrow to zero in on my PV8 and pay for it.
A ton of thanks to Shuvc here, who took all the effort to email me a scanned copy of the PV8 invoice from ezone calcutta. Tomorrow i will be pitching in for a price match.
Looks like the sales guys there have some march year end targets to meet and i have this sales guy calling me almost everyday to come and finalise the deal-- something i just still cannot believe happening in india.

Here, sales people usually forget you the moment you step out of their doors. With just a little more effort they could have got in a customer.. but they really dont care. And i am talking about big chain stores like ezone, hometown etc. the employees just dont own up for the success of their store. They get paid for their day and they are happy. So these calls and chases from an ezone employee makes me pleasantly surprised.
Will post you tomorrow on how it went!

Can you send me a copy of the invoice as well , i am also planning to buy pv8. u can mail me at sunilgct at the rate yahoo dot com
I dont think its an HD feed. The Test-HD1 shows the format as 4:3 and audio at 526kbps (HD!!?). In Test-HD2 again format is 4:3 and audio is [email protected]!!!. I think its a gimmik to say that they are having HD. Wait and watch..
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It's already been confirmed beyond doubt that Sun TV has indede started HD on a commercial basis.. Please look at other posting in this forum.
Today's Times of India newspaper has 1 page ad for Sun TV HD service. Is this true High Definition? Those that bought Full HD LCD can benefit from this HD signal now, correct? Any idea of their pricing compared to Tata Sky & Dish TV?
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