Hi... like to have an info on the TWR 125


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Aug 29, 2008
Hi folks,

I'm new to this forum and heard/read the first time about NORGE here. By reviewing the Norge's web site it seems to me that their TWR 125 has a D'applo construction. Neither a search on their site nor here did confirm it. My question: Is it a real D'appolo?

The bookshelf speaker; does it have monitor characteristics?

And how would user of Norge speakers rate them in respect of reproduction? More sounded or linear?

Grateful if somebody could share practical views/experiences or linking me to an existing thread.


The Norge towers are not a true D'appolito design ! its just a regular MTM tower with Weavcor drivers from china (their earlier towers used VIFA) ! though one can in broad way term them as D'appolito design since the MTM was first introduced by DR.D.Appolito !!

As far as the performance is concerned,its okay okay !! nothing great nothing too bad for the money one pays for it ! you have many other alternatives which might give an edge over the norge in the same price range !!

Same goes to their Bookshelfs aswell ! Not a monitor quality product ! but for the money its okay performer !

Here's the reviews of the Norge BS !



PS : The reviewer is way too generous in terms of his remarks on the LF and other frequencies reproduced by the BS !! so please keep that in mind !

One question would like to ask ? How and why are you interested in Norge ?? Am just curious :D ! if you must know bout the Indian made speakers then please do have a look at the following :

1.Lithos Acoustics
2. Audire
3.Torvin Audio Systems

Hope the info is of some help!

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Hi soundsgreat,

nice to see you here :D

One question would like to ask ? How and why are you interested in Norge ??

I am traditionally a fan of smaller speaker and thus asking because the people from Norge having a very serious statement... well, now, after reviewing yours and links, it reveals ;)

It is just my nature looking around and Norge just poped up several times since I am looking here.

Thanks soundsgreat for your work out on my question and somehow I'm sure I did not miss something by not knowing (sorry Norge-Folks) about these products... however, having a deeper look into the other indian brand speakers you've linked.


Its nice to learn bout your preference ! Am glad that you are very active in this !!

Well this Norge always makes such statements and invites a wrath from the Serious Audio folks ! The same happened to their Reference Amp (or atleast thats what they call it) here in the form and that debate turned all over without a proper resolution ! So when it comes to Norge I always keep 10 steps distance from it !!

Its my pleasure to share the info or knowledge that I have !! please do look the other manufacturers Am sure you'll love em ! especially the Audire,Since they are the only Indian main stream company to design and develop single driver based speakers !! their latest pair uses the world famous Feastrex drivers from Japan and the designer of the driver(Hal Teramoto) himself has assited them in the speaker design !! So thats something you must know and share it with your friends back there :D !!

Please feel free to discuss anything !


I have auditioned the Torvin speakers a number of times. Most of his clientele are the kind of people who prefer heaving thumping, and he caters to that taste. I had once auditioned the Torvin towers alongside Missions, and the Mission's clarity and openness were easily more discernible with the same player and amplifier.

Lithos speakers are good. He is mostly in the Subwoofer/sat systems. I have not heard the Kontra, but I have listened to the rest. He certainly has something with his Q-Balance and his Ear Fatigue. In his NOA1, in particular, the sloping design of the face propels the sound well into the room, and enables you to listen to music for hours together.

Audire again is very good. I have heard two of their floor standing single drivers using the Fostex drivers. Driven by Audire's monstrously huge amplifiers, the speakers fill the room with a sound that is thrilling. I have two issues with Audire speakers - One; they look ugly, honestly, and Two; their prices seem to be going up. Very soon they may become unaffordable.

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, I bought Norge TWR MK 125 SPK III. Can any one suggest good Norge Amp for this Tower Speaker,
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