Sammy 46A550


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Sep 5, 2006
Hi All,

I bought samsung 46A550 in April (probably the first lot of customers :)).
I have been noticing a strange problem TV automatically goes off and switches-on on its own. This also happens sometines with a grey bar code kind of display appears on left bottom and TV goes off. It comes back again, but is quite annoying. Does anyopne else face the same problem with 46A550?
Don't have a Samsung product myself. Also, never heard of anything/any problem like the one you specify. It would be better to call the Samsung service guys to have it checked out. The TV would be under warranty anyways so better to have the professionals take a look at it.
Highly unlikely that it can be sorted out by itself or even untrained personnel. Also have not come across anything in TVs that they power off themselves due to overactivity or overheating and then turn on by themselves. This looks to be more complex especially with the gray bar at the bottom that you mention. Best to have Samsung take a look at it and change/replace/repair what's required. I am sure they would fix it in a jiffy and that would serve you better in the long run too.
Moserw also got a new sammy 1080PK in a hurry as I couldn't wait for my bro to carry OPPO for me. Initail impressions are good a bit slow compared to my old Philips DVDP. Will post more later on its performance.
A friend has it. He is quite happy with its performance considering it handles most of the formats thrown at it including even mp3s. Have not seen its upscaling performance though since he only has a CRT TV.
I've read about this problem on the net.Supposed to be some firmware update for it....thought samsung woulda have taken care of it...i have the same probs at all.Anyway contact samsung service immediately,thats what your warranty is for.
I have contacted the service center and will post what is the problem and what will be the solution.. this wud help all LA550 46inchers...:D
I have a small living space so went in for LA32A550P1.So far very happy with it.Use PS3 for dvd,Bluray and games.Paid 41k@modern world.

I checked the panasonic 42 Full HD(dont recall the model PV700 I think).Its available for 1.3 any LCD hands down.
I checked the panasonic 42 Full HD(dont recall the model PV700 I think).Its available for 1.3 any LCD hands down.

the PV700 will get pawned by todays SPVA lcds and some last years SPVA based samsung and sony lcd.
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